Also by this author: Liam Takes Manhattan, Planet Dragos
Also in this series: Liam Takes Manhattan, Planet Dragos, The Adversary
Series: Elder Races #9.9, Chronicles of Rhyacia #1
on July 3, 2020
Genres: PNR, Shifters
Tropes: Shifters
Format: eARC
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Cliffhanger: Yes


Saying goodbye to their old life in the Wyr demesne in New York may be hard, but Dragos and Pia are determined to create a new life in the Other land of Rhyacia.

At first, everything seems idyllic. Rhyacia is paradisiacal. Accompanied by old friends and new allies, the future looks safe and bright for Dragos, Pia, and baby Niall.

But strange things are happening beneath the picturesque façade. Items move unaccompanied, buildings collapse without justifiable cause, and even the most Powerful residents of Rhyacia can provide no logical explanation for the events transpiring. Whispered rumors point to something called the unseen.

As Dragos and Pia investigate, they uncover a greater mystery than they could have imagined, and they realize the startling truth…

They’re not alone in Rhyacia. The land Dragos had thought was uninhabited hides many secrets, a shocking history that’s not quite ready to be buried, and something more.

Something ancient, evil, and hungry. Something that wants to consume Dragos and take everything he holds dear.

Something that just may be powerful enough to overcome the dragon…


by Thea Harrison

There are characters that are unforgettable and when the author tells you that she’s done with them and there won’t be any further stories then they leave a vacuum behind. Pia and Dragos are pretty much my all time favorite PNR couple and I just can’t get enough. So when Thea Harrison decided to document their move into the Otherworld Rhyacia it was like Christmas and Easter and birthday and every other holiday on the same day for me.

Pia and Dragos’s relationship has come so far. Pia has really grown into her own. The tragedies and tough times she experienced have left a mark and a backbone of steel and iron will that wasn’t as obvious before. She was never a doormat but now she’s a sweet but feisty herbivore unicorn who stands up for herself.

Dragos is still mystified by women, even after years of marriage. I always get a kick out of seeing this ancient, most powerful dragon bamboozled by stuff Pia does or says. It’s really a hoot. When this almost godlike creature very reluctantly adopts an ugly mutt the hilarity has no end. Seeing Dragos’s fierce love for Pia is always a highlight – that’s something the author does so well.

And there it was, that moment, with happiness dancing in her aquamarine gaze and the air around her effervescent with her Power—that moment was what the dragon would do anything and kill anyone for. That moment was what he lived for. That one, and then the one after that, and the one after that, all grouped together in his mind like luminous pearls on a string. Each one came to him new, a perpetual gift of joyful surprise, and as rich as he was, and as many jewels as he’d acquired, those moments were the sum total of the dragon’s true treasure.

Dragos and Pia’s move to their new home doesn’t go smoothly. Along for the ride are many familiar faces like Graydon and Beluviel, Tricks and Tiago, only to name a few. Seeing them again really makes me want to re-read the whole series.

The cliffhanger Thea leaves us with is brutal. I hope she writes fast like the wind because I can’t wait to continue this story. I adored this journey back into the world of the Elder Races and I hope Thea Harrison keeps writing stories about this fascinating universe and the mythical creatures inhabiting it. This was a beautiful start to this serial.

For him, love was a collection of moments like this. Strung together like luminous pearls on a string

About Thea Harrison

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Thea Harrison resides in Colorado.  She wrote her first book, a romance, when she was nineteen, and had sixteen romances published under the name Amanda Carpenter.  She took a break from writing to collect a couple of graduate degrees and a grown child.

Thea writes in a variety of genres, including the award-winning paranormal Elder Races series and the Game of Shadows novels, and is currently at work on various new projects in sci-fi fantasy, paranormal and contemporary romance.

She adores animals and currently resides with two small dogs that have very large personalities.

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