Also by this author: The Ones Who Got Away, The One You Can't Forget
Also in this series: The One You Can't Forget, The One You Fight For
Series: The Ones Who Got Away #4
Published by Sourcebook Casablanca on December 31, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Friends to Lovers
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley, Sourcebook Casablanca
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Narrator: Jeanine Bartel
Length: 12 hrs and 7 mins
Cliffhanger: No


Kincaid Breslin wasn't supposed to survive that fateful night at Long Acre when so many died, including her boyfriend—but survive she did. She doesn't know why she got that chance, but now she takes life by the horns and doesn't let anybody stand in her way

Ashton Isaacs was her best friend when disaster struck all those years ago, but he chose to run as far away as he could. Now fate has brought him back to town, and Ash doesn't know how to cope with his feelings for Kincaid and his grief over their lost friendship. For Ash has been carrying secrets, and he knows that once Kincaid learns the truth, he'll lose any chance he might have had with the only woman he's ever loved.


by Roni Loren


Mass killings are so incredibly heartbreaking because the people who are injured and killed are innocent and many times don’t even know why they are being attacked. This year, the number of these killings has reached a new high, with the first one having been only 19 days into 2019. There were 33 mass shootings  and 44 mass killings as of December 24, 2019. So much for the hard facts I’ve tried to bring to awareness with my review in this series.

Kincaid always seemed to be the most bubbly one out of the four girlfriends but getting to know her in her story made me realize that she, too, had some demons to battle. She doesn’t remember the shooting, she only knows that she lost her high school sweetheart and the young man she wanted to spend her life with. Then there was her best friend, the guy who left town after the shooting and never looked back. Both events she never got over.
I found Kincaid in her own book a little harder to love than in the previous ones. Her random hookups, her lack of impulse control and her being self absorbed and not being careful with Ash’s heart had me looking at her not fondly at times.

He would not do this again. He’d spent way too much time feeling that burn in his gut while he’d watched Kincaid fall for Graham.

Unrequited love, a horrible family history and the shooting drove Ash away from his hometown. Now a well known author with writer’s block, Ash decides to go back after the breakup of the engagement with his cheating girlfriend. When he runs into Kincaid again they have a lot of animosity between them to overcome. And as they do, we learn a little bit about their friendship, which I thought was the best part of their relationship. It broke my heart a little to see how much Ash loved Kincaid and she never saw more than a friend in him. Which is also why I couldn’t buy into Kincaid’s sudden realization that Ashton was her soulmate, after believing years and years that her high school sweetheart was the only one she would ever love. I also felt a lack of chemistry between these two because of that and their focus on their friendship.

While Kincaid was a bit of a mixed bag for me, Ash had my heart from beginning to end. He was a bit nerdy, totally my kind of guy, but also loyal, protective and adorable. I wish Kincaid would have appreciated more. I didn’t care for her attitude when the truth tore them apart but eventually she made it up to this reader and the ending was really lovely.

He was a part of her, of who she was, of who she became. This was Ash.

We have come to the end of this series and it’s been quite an emotional ride. The thing that stood out most over the course of all four books is the friendship between the four heroines and it was never stronger and filled with more love, support and understanding as in THE ONE FOR YOU. I adore the bond these women have and the last scene before Roni Loren sent them all into their HEA was the most touching and will stick with me for a while. I’m a little sad that this series is over and having to say goodbye to all of these characters but I’m sure the next books by Ms Loren will be just as touching and emotional and I’m here for it!

She had a home. She had her friends. And now, she had her soul mate. Love. It all came back to love.

About Roni Loren

Roni wrote her first romance novel at age fifteen when she discovered writing about boys was way easier than actually talking to them. Since then, her flirting skills haven’t improved, but she likes to think her storytelling ability has. She holds a master’s degree in social work and spent years as a mental health counselor, but now she writes full time from her cozy office in Dallas, Texas where she puts her characters on the therapy couch instead. She is a two-time RITA Award winner and a New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author.




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