REVIEW: KATE BATEMAN – THIS EARL OF MINEThis Earl of Mine by Kate Bateman
Series: Bow Street Bachelors #1
Published by St. Martin's Press on October 29, 2019
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eARC
Source: St. Martin's Press, Netgalley
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Narrator: Beverley A. Crick
Length: 9 hrs and 20 mins
Cliffhanger: No


In a desperate bid to keep her fortune out of her cousin's hands, shipping heiress Georgiana Caversteed marries a condemned criminal in Newgate prison. The scoundrel's first kiss is shockingly heated, but Georgie never expects to see her husband again. Until she spots him across a crowded ballroom. Notorious rogue Benedict Wylde never expected a wife. He was in Newgate undercover, working for Bow Street. To keep their marriage of convenience a secret, Wylde courts Georgie in public, but the more time they spend together, the more their attraction sparks. Could an heiress with the world at her feet find happiness with a penniless rake? Kate Bateman's This Earl of Mine is a delightful start to the Bow Street Bachelors series, with witty banter, dynamic characters, and swoon-worthy romance.


by Kate Bateman


Bummer. I had high hopes for THIS EARL OF MINE – the blurb and the beautiful cover totally reeled me in. This book didn’t live up to my high expectations, unfortunately.

If you decide to read this story make sure you suspend all disbelief. All of it. I see and appreciate what the author tried to do – she wanted to give us strong characters who have all kinds of adventures – this was supposed to be a fun romp I think. Alas, some of those adventures inadvertently veer into ridiculous waters – pun intended (cue submarine) – others are so cliche that I could predict them a mile ahead.

Then there was the language – I don’t expect my HR to sound 100% fitting the era but I want some authenticity. When I read “cat got your tongue” or “sub” (for submarine), or “righto” I wonder whether the author did enough research because those phrases and words don’t belong in a novel set in the beginning of the 19th century.

But there are good parts too! The characters were likable, I loved the hero who was charming and sweet. The heroine was the heiress to a shipping company smart, strong, fairly emancipated for the era. Weirdly though, this whole time in the book she didn’t work a single day. I found Georgie’s sister and her suitor ridiculous but Georgie and Benedict making fun of his poetry attempts was hilarious.

The two-star rating is for the effort and the characters. I did enjoy parts of this story but overall it was not the quality I’m used to in HR. With all that being said, I do think the author has talent and I’ll be watching her progress.


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