Also by this author: The Fake, Slapshot
Also in this series: The Fake
Series: Smart Jocks #1
on November 5, 2018
Genres: sports romance, New Adult
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible
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Narrator: Erin Mallon, Jason Clarke
Length: 7 hrs and 11 mins
Cliffhanger: No



What's the probability of insulting the one guy on campus I need to help me pass statistics? If I knew, I wouldn't be standing in front of Wes Reynolds begging him to tutor me.

Basketball player, sexy, arrogant, always sleeping through class...these are the things I knew about him. What I didn't know is that he is a seriously smart jock.


What's the best way to get rid of the peppy and unrelenting girl that keeps asking me to tutor her? If I knew, I wouldn't be staring at her tan legs and attempting to teach her statistics.

Sorority girl who's fine as hell, determined, and a ball buster...these are the things I knew about her. What I didn't know is that she is all the things I didn't realize I wanted or needed.

Or that one semester with her would change everything.


I’m such a sucker for this type of romance novels. I love the banter and humor, being transported back when I was in my twenties when we thought we could rule the world. *sigh* This is why I predict a successful future for Rebecca Jenshak – she definitely has found her niche where she excels.

I loved Wes, he is a solid guy, super-smart – something that doesn’t compute with Blair at first – and loyal. He isn’t your average jock who plays the field, he doesn’t have time for that. And he actually doesn’t have time to tutor the girl who insults him by suggesting that he is, indeed, a dumb jock. Yet, he can’t help but be intrigued and thus starts a friendship that, of course, turns into more.

Blair is driven, endearing, just as loyal as Wes and totally overwhelmed with school because her jerk of an ex has nude selfies he threatens to publish if she doesn’t do his classes and assignments. So the one class she actually has to work for is being neglected – good thing that Wes is a statistic genius and semi-willing to help her.

In the beginning I was wondering why Blair didn’t stand up to her ex and let him blackmail her but eventually I got it. People can be really cruel and judgmental and Blair only wanted to study in peace. Her default setting was “looking at the bright side” – I loved her optimism that gave her a sweetness I adored.

Performance-wise we have two absolute professionals who are two of my top favorites. Erin Mallon is just so stinkin’ talented and reliable. She’s awesome. Jason Clarke is a sexy beast in the booth – there is one thing I noticed in this one that I didn’t in The Fadeaway – you can hear him swallowing sometimes. But honestly, that didn’t really bother me too much.

Rebecca Jenshak is a fantastic new voice in NA Romance and I predict that she’ll become a fixture and we’ll hear a lot about her in the future.

Also by this author: The Fake, Slapshot
Also in this series: The Fake
Series: Smart Jocks #2
on March 14, 2019
Genres: sports romance, New Adult
Tropes: Single Mom
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible
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Narrator: Teddy Hamilton, Summer Morton
Length: 7 hrs and 29 mins
Cliffhanger: No



The hottest guy on campus won't stop asking me out. I know that sounds like a good problem to have, but this guy...this guy has no idea how complicated my life is trying to juggle being a single mom and college student.

Every Thursday, he shows up at the café where I work. His cheesy pickup lines and arrogance should have me completely annoyed. I'm not. I can't say yes, but Thursday is my favorite day of the week.


The hottest girl on campus won't go out with me. I know, I know, that sounds presumptuous, but this girl...this girl has gotten under my skin, and I can't seem to walk away.

Every Thursday, I show up at the café where she works. She's fed me every excuse in the book. I should give up and bang one of the many girls blowing up my phone. I'm not. Even when she says no, Thursday is my favorite day of the week.


If you are a fan of Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus series, read this.
If you are a fan of Sara Ney’s Douchebag series, read this.
If you are a fan of Sarina Bowen’s Ivy League series…yeah, you guessed it, READ THIS.

I’m a huge of the NA sports romance sub genre. It’s addictive as hell and makes me go back in time. Anyhoo, if you haven’t met Joel Moreno yet, get ready. He is the ultimate player and will charm your panties off. He will make you swoon and laugh and then leave you but with a smile on your face.
He is such a blast with his cocky attitude that he uses to cover up the depth he of feelings he is capable of. Once you learn about his first love your heart will melt for him. I adored Joel.

A guy like that needs a worthy heroine and Katrina is exactly that. She is a single mom, juggling life and school. Going out on a whim isn’t something she can do so she keeps saying no to Joel’s invitations to take her on a date. I couldn’t wait for her to finally say yes. She gave Joel a run for his money and I loved that about her, he had to really earn and deserve her. Katrina was such a good mom, always making sure that she put her little guy first, who was, btw. such a beautiful side character. So sweet, so cute. I loved Christian and Joel’s scenes together, their bond grew strong fast.

The flow of this story is effortless, it makes the book absolutely unputdownable. I just didn’t want to stop listening even a single second. It helps that we get a stellar narration duet – Teddy Hamilton is one of the best out there and one of my top favorites – the way he performed Joel was just brilliant! I’m new to Summer Morton but she, too, did a fantastic job breathing life into Kitty!

I’m sure a lot of people will have fun with this utterly adorable, charming story that has low angst, buckets of humor and endearing characters. I regret nothing.

Also by this author: The Fake, Slapshot
Also in this series: The Fake
Series: Smart Jocks #3
on July 25, 2019
Genres: sports romance, New Adult
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible
Buy on AmazonBuy on Audible
Narrator: Jakobi Diem, Savannah Peachwood
Length: 7 hrs and 1 min
Cliffhanger: No


I’ve spent years hiding in the shadows.

He’s spent his whole life chasing the bright lights of the NBA.

We have nothing in common, except for the fact our friends ditched us for spring break.

I have a bucket list for my senior year at Valley U.

He’s the only person I know on campus.

I’m ready to start checking things off my list.

Frat party: Check.
TP the baseball house: Check.
Goat yoga: Check.
Skinny dipping: Check.
Falling for Zeke Sweets, Valley U’s MVP: Not going to happen.


In the third installment of the SMART JOCKS series we finally get Zeke’s story. Been looking forward to this one because I like the quiet deep ones and oh, how quiet and deep Zeke is. He was the perfect match for Gabby who was scarred by a car accident.

Self-conscious about her scars she took online classes instead of moving on campus. But now is the time and she has made a list of everything she wants to experience. I loved how beautiful Zeke made Gabby feel – he never saw the flaws in her looks. To him they made her even more beautiful. His only goal is to be drafted into the NBA so Gabby doesn’t really have a place in his life. He is convinced that a distraction may cost him what he has been working for so hard.

Zeke helps Gabby break out of her shell and uncovers the sweet and sass girl underneath the shyness. It was really cute to see how their friendship turned into more. However, I have to admit that it took me a while to feel their chemistry. Granted, this was a slow burn romance but I felt like Zeke needed a lot of convincing. Once they got started it was adorable though, which made the end a little bit jarring. I wasn’t a fan of Gabby’s reaction to Zeke admitting his feelings. Thankfully, that was solved quickly though.

Jakobi Diem totally knocked this out of the park. I love his voice that has a bit of a rough quality and a beautiful speech melody. Savannah Peachwood did a great job bringing Gabby to life.

I loved that we got to catch up with all the characters of the previous books in this series. Next up is Nathan’s story and I’m very curious what his deal is! Rebecca Jenshak has become a fixture on my TBR – her brand of NA/Sports Romance is right down my alley!




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  • Oh wow Astrid! I see she’s got a new fan! And I love Elle Kennedy’s series and NA Jock stories but not those of Sarina and Sara. Won’t prevent me to keep my eyes on this author though.

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