Also by this author: Handle With Care
Also in this series: Handle With Care
Series: Shacking Up #4
Published by St. Martin's Press on July 16th 2019
Genres: RomCom, Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Source: St. Martin's Press, Netgalley
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Cosy Felton is great at her job—she knows just how to handle the awkwardness that comes with working at an adult toy store. So when the hottest guy she’s ever seen walks into the shop looking completely overwhelmed, she’s more than happy to turn on the charm and help him purchase all of the items on his list.

Griffin Mills is using his business trip in Las Vegas as a chance to escape the broken pieces of his life in New York City. The last thing he wants is to be put in charge of buying gag gifts for his friend’s bachelor party. Despite being totally out of his element, and mortified by the whole experience, Griffin is pleasantly surprised when he finds himself attracted to the sales girl that helped him.

As skeptical as Cosy may be of Griffin’s motivations, there’s something about him that intrigues her. But sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas and when real life gets in the way, all bets are off. Filled with hilariously awkward situations and enough sexual chemistry to power Sin City, Making Up is the next standalone in the Shacking Up world.


by Helena Hunting


Holy drama, batman! I don’t even know where to start…I loved the blurb of MAKING UP but this turned out to be so much different than I thought.

Cosy is a twenty two year old college student and I loved that she had an unconventional job – it sounded like she would be sassy and funny. I wish I could confirm that but I found her judgmental and rude in the beginning when she met thirty-three year old Griffin. I did warm up to her a little until she showed me what a drama queen she was. Damn that girl was all over the place and always thought the worst of Griffin. She jumped to conclusions and left in a huff. I hated how she treated Griffin and couldn’t get over herself.

I also deeply disliked how she was mad at him for supposedly sleeping with her sister months before they even met. But she wasn’t as mad at her sister, no sir.

Then there is Griffin. I actually loved the guy, how smitten he was, how he tried to win Cosy over. He was sweet, a little awkward even. Until he had a personality transplant. All of a sudden he was cocky and snarky. Something that didn’t feel consistent with the way he had been portrayed before. And when the whole ex-fiancee drama started and what was already a steep descent turned into a nosedive. I was done. It was just too much for me.

I love rom-coms and some authors have me in stitches with their brand of humor but I just didn’t find this one as funny as I expect from the genre. This felt more like straight contemporary romance. This book wasn’t what I wanted it to be – an entertaining, laugh-out-loud, quirky story. Ah well. I am hopeful though that Helena Hunting’s August release will be more my jam!

About Helena Hunting

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She's writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.

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  • After seeing the not so raving reviews of this one, I probably won’t pick it up. I don’t need all that drama in my books. I know this author likes implementing unnecessary drama, but in this book, it seems to be overdone. Sorry it was a disappointment for you darling.

    • And the sad thing is, that this was my first book by her. Now I’m a little scared about the next one I have waiting… 🙁

  • Ouch! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this more. Meet Cute was my first read by Hunting, and I didn’t love it like I wanted to at all. I’ve heard her Pucked Series is fantastic too, have you read it? She may just not be the author for me…

    • I haven’t. This was my first book by her and I have one more sitting on my kindle by her. So I’ll give her one more chance….but I have a feeling that she may not be my jam.

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