Also by this author: Cruel Sanctuary
Also in this series: Cruel Sanctuary
Series: Wages of Sin #2
on May 13thh 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
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I am the monarch of Manhattan’s underworld.
A corrupt king, ruling a sinful empire.

I wasn’t born to the crown.
Nevertheless, I wear it well.

Aislinn Granville is the Crown Jewel of my empire—my queen.
To my enemies, she’s my Achilles heel—a perfect pawn.

Without her, I am a wounded warrior.
A ruthless, relentless beast.

There is nowhere she can be taken that I won’t find her.
No adversary I won’t crush to get her back.

Even if I have to burn this city to the ground.



CORRUPT SAVIOR continues right where CRUEL SANCTUARY ended and since that ended in a cliffy I was salivating to get my hands on it. If you haven’t read the first in this duet, stop right here. Although I try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible, I will refer to some events that happened in the previous book.

I expected Damon to lose it when his Spitfire went missing. He is  ready to burn down the world and bring everyone, who was only remotely involved, to justice. His feelings for Aislinn are so obvious, yet, there is a little boy inside him that has issues expressing them, which is what causes major conflict with Aislinn. This arrogant, self-assured man, who doesn’t get frazzled easily, shows his belly only to the woman who occupies his mind around the clock.

“I don’t know what it’s like not to love you, princess.”

Aislinn handles her abduction surprisingly well. She is badass, never giving up, and, while hoping and waiting for her King to save her, not sitting quietly like a damsel in distress. Now here is a bit of an issue I grappled with. We learn about her childhood trauma in the first book which still affects her in the presence. Yet when she is in a similar situation it doesn’t trigger much in her. Another thing I didn’t completely buy was

when she shot a man and it didn’t really have any lasting effect. You would think a woman, especially with a moral code like Aislinn’s would have issues coming to terms with the fact that she killed somebody but it wasn’t much more than an afterthought.
For all the times Aislinn said that she was Damon’s and gave the impression that she had no illusions about him, she threw the towel pretty quickly which I found a little irritating. However, she was the fierce, strong, independent woman we saw in the first book so it was hard not to love her.

Damon and Aislinn trying to find common ground and uniting the different worlds they live in is the theme of this story. They have a lot of obstacles in their way that need to be overcome first. There is the constant threat to their lives that makes this story suspenseful and thrilling. And let’s not forget the steam – dayum, Damon is a beast. The air positively crackles when Aislinn and Damon are in the same room.

Now I said in my review for CRUEL SANCTUARY that I love Tara Leigh’s writing style and let me make clear that I still do. It’s all the things I said it was – vibrant and crisp, however I found that she writes with a lot of flourish in CORRUPT SAVIOR which feels a little exaggerated because many of the sentiments have the same pattern.

The man who has become my world. My heart. My everything. Damon King.

Damon King. My devil. My monster. Mine.

She is the air I breathe. The beat of my heart. The light to my dark. The goddess of my dreams.

The devil who danced into my heart, the monster who slayed my nightmares, the lover of my fantasies.

I lost the only good thing in my life. My bright light. My sunshine. My spitfire. My goddess. My queen.

I already have my reward. My savior. My savage. My devil. My dark knight. And his name is Damon King.

There are more of those throughout the book and while these are beautiful words I think a little more economical usage of them would have made them more meaningful. Plus, at some point they felt a little filler-y.

With all that being said, this book was entertaining, the little issues I had didn’t influence my enjoyment much. Damon and Aislinn’s relationship was captivating and breathtakingly beautiful and I rooted for them from beginning to end. If you like your books a little on the darker side and with a lot of passion grab this!

About Tara Leigh

Tara Leigh attended Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia Business School in New York, and worked on Wall Street and Main Street before “retiring” to become a wife and mother. When the people in her head became just as real as the people in her life, she decided to put their stories on paper. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children and fur-baby, Pixie.


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  • Very valid points my dear! I was torn a bit on some them… like Damon’s love for her, Damon’s love for her, Damon’s love her in the first part of the book was quite overdone and fillery. Overall, I just really enjoyed it though. I have to ask… did you feel that Damon was as dark and dangerous as his character was supposed to be? For some reason, that really slipped through for me. BUT, I am a little all over the place in my head right now too!

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