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Series: American Witch Trilogy #1
on April 29th 2019
Genres: Paranormal, PNR
Format: eARC
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Power can change a person…

For months Molly Sullivan endures the inexplicable: electrical surges, car breakdowns, visions. She even wonders if she might be the cause… and wonders if she might be crazy. Then she discovers her husband has cheated on her. Again. Now Molly realizes she is a newly awakening witch and a woman pushed over the edge.

Revenge can shape a person…

Josiah Mason is a Powerful witch and the leader of a secret coven with a shared goal: to destroy an ancient enemy who has ruined many lives. Josiah lost years to this man, and his sole focus is revenge. He’s prepared for every contingency—except encountering a beautiful new witch who understands nothing of the immense Power building within her or the attraction she wields over him.

Danger can bring them together…

When divorcing her husband, Molly uncovers a dangerous secret he’s willing to kill to protect. She turns to Josiah for help, and they discover a connection between Molly’s husband and Josiah’s enemy.

As they work together, a spark ignites between them that threatens to become an inferno. But Molly is done compromising herself for any man, and Josiah’s mission is his top priority. And the enemy is cunning, cruel, and drawing ever closer.

As the danger escalates, so does the tension between them. Is a lasting relationship possible? Will either of them live long enough to try?



Dragos, Pia and The Elder Races will always have a special place in this reader’s heart. The universe Thea Harrison has created with these stories is vast, complex and still expanding so it goes without saying that I was totally ready for another book set in this world.

I have come to love this author’s female leads that have a quiet strength and an intrinsic kindness yet sass and spunk that I find incredibly endearing. Molly totally fits that bill. She has been a trophy wife for almost two decades when her husband’s last episode of stepping out on her is the final straw in her marriage. Right after she outs the dickwad at a party where she feels anger and an undefined power (that makes an expensive vase crash to the floor), she packs and, to my utter delight, takes EVERYTHING with her that she can find in their safe and leaves.

Unbeknownst to her, the new DA Josiah Mason watches the scene and feels the power radiating from Molly, a power the like he’s never felt before, but it’s raw, untrained and volatile, a complication that may distract him from his end goal – finding an evil, powerful witch who held Josiah captive for years, draining him of his power.

Driven by vengeance but also by a desire to keep his word to his coven he single-mindedly goes after the villain, so a woman like Molly, pure and good at heart is an inconvenience he didn’t see coming. This charismatic man tries to manipulate her but bright and smart Molly totally cuts him down at his knees, every single time. I was so happy that she didn’t let Josiah roll over her like a bulldozer.

“What do people call you?” she asked. “Are you a witch or a warlock?”
He shrugged, finished his beer, and took a second bottle.
“Either or both. Sometimes sorcerer. Occasionally asshole. Personally, I’m not in love with labels.”

Josiah isn’t a likable character in the beginning – or let me rephrase: from Molly’s point of view he isn’t. He is jaded, sneaky, manipulative and runs hot and cold at the best of times but when you get to see his thoughts about this strong woman, his admiration, it’s when the author makes you fall in love with his character. His conflict with his feelings for her and his need to make her safe on one hand and his desire to bring down the man who caused so much grief on the other hand make him a fascinating man. By the end of the story Molly has changed him fundamentally into a softer but not weaker man. Any ambivalence I had in the beginning was erased in the end.

Molly, Molly, he thought. What a spectacular inconvenience you’ve turned out to be.

The villain’s name is introduced halfway through the story – if you know a little Russian history you’ll be able to guess it. Only one prominent character just before the Russian Revolution (cue Anastasia, Tsar Nicholas) had the mystic reputation to fit into this story. I’m deliberately vague – if you’re not familiar with the history this may spark your interest. Let me tell you, it’s fascinating.

If I have one quibble it’s that Molly and Josiah don’t have a lot to build on their relationship with them being separated for a long time, so I would have liked to see them getting a little more meat on it after the big showdown. Still, I loved them together because they were the Ying to the other one’s Yang.

Molly had destroyed his sovereignty of solitude. Laid waste to his cold purpose.

There is a lot of mystery and suspense along the way that will keep you invested in the story because you really want to see how this all pans out.

AMERICAN WITCH is the perfect example for a sequel series that is set into an existing very much alive universe that still can be read as a standalone. So if you haven’t read this author yet this is your chance! Now I’m totally curious who the next book in this series will be about!

“Goddamn you.” He leaned his forehead against hers, eyes closed.
“Well, goddamn you,” she told him.

About Thea Harrison

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Thea Harrison resides in Colorado.  She wrote her first book, a romance, when she was nineteen, and had sixteen romances published under the name Amanda Carpenter.  She took a break from writing to collect a couple of graduate degrees and a grown child.

Thea writes in a variety of genres, including the award-winning paranormal Elder Races series and the Game of Shadows novels, and is currently at work on various new projects in sci-fi fantasy, paranormal and contemporary romance.

She adores animals and currently resides with two small dogs that have very large personalities.

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