REVIEW: LEXI BLAKE ✭ EVIDENCE OF DESIREEvidence of Desire by Lexi Blake
Also by this author: The Dom Who Loved Me, The Men with the Golden Cuffs
Also in this series: Order of Protection
Series: Courting Justice #2
Published by Berkley on January 8th 2019
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Format: eARC
Source: Berkley, Netgalley
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Isla Shayne knows she's in over her head. As former all-star linebacker Trey Adams's personal lawyer, she's used to handling his business dealings and private financial matters, not murder charges. She needs to find an experienced criminal attorney who speaks her client's language. David Cormack of Garrison, Cormack and Lawless is exactly what she needs in the courtroom--and the only man she wants in the bedroom.

For David, taking on the Adams case means diving back into a world he thought he'd left behind and colliding head on with tragic possibilities he's in no mood to face. There's a reason professional football is in his past and no matter how close Isla gets to the truth he intends to leave it there.

But long days working on the case together lead to hot nights in each other's arms. As their feelings grow, the case takes a deadly twist that could change the game between the two lovers forever.

Evidence of Desire

by Lexi Blake

Ahhh Romantic Suspense at its finest. I can’t repeat it often enough: Lexi Blake is one of the best if you’re in the mood for this genre and want a unique plot.

Isla loves contracts, business agreements and negotiations. When former football superstar and close friend and client Trey Adams is under investigation for killing his wife Portia, former NFL player now criminal defense attorney David Cormack is her best bet. He knows the dangers and sorrows of somebody living with chronic traumatic encephalopathy better than anyone – he may be facing this disease in the future, too.

See? Totally unique. I love this storyline so much. CTE is an actual disease and the author did extensive research on the issue professional athletes may have to deal with.

When David meets Isla he makes one major mistake. He totally underestimates the woman, who seems to only see the good in people. It almost seems like he thought her to be a bit of a pushover. But if she sets her mind to something she believes in she becomes a single-minded warrior princess who won’t take no for an answer.

“See, this is where you’ve underestimated your opponent, Counselor. You see my kindness and kind of gooey middle and think it’s weakness.”

David and Isla fall for each other very fast but I totally bought it. He struggles for most of the book with the decision whether to make a go of a serious relationship – what if he has CTE? I had to remind myself a couple of times that fear isn’t rational and that he will understand ultimately that there are no guarantees in life but he did try my patience a little bit.

“You want some guarantee that life is going to turn out like you want it, but that’s not the way it goes. Do you intend to spend the rest of your life without love?”

Other than that he was a sweet and sexy man.

Isla’s kindness and gentleness and her steely spine make her one of my favorite heroines of all the books by Lexi Blake I’ve read so far. When her strong will makes an appearance the sass comes out to play as well and I had so much fun with her giving it straight to her man and telling him to get his head out of his ass.

“Taking care of each other through the good and the bad and the desperate is what family does. And if you don’t see that, then maybe you aren’t the man for me. I don’t know. I’m going to sleep on it.”

I loved the suspense which isn’t really a surprise to me. There are some twists and turns in typical Lexi Blake fashion, which had me reconsider my theories a couple of times.

Evidence of Desire is a worthy and excellent addition to the Courting Justice series. I was thoroughly entertained and immersed in the story and loved every word of it. I think it was even better than the first book. Now, it seems like we’ve met Noah Lawless’s love match and I think she’ll give him a run for his money if I’m right. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Any family raised by Isla Shayne would stick together. And if the darkness came, she would be the light.


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