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Series: WANTED: An Outlaw Anthology
on January 8th 2019
Genres: Dark Romance
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Absolution is part of Wanted An Outlaw Anthology.

According to canon law, it is forbidden for a priest to betray the penitent for any reason. Even murder.

The consequences?


For years, I’ve listened to your confessions. I know your darkest secrets, and have swallowed your sins in silence. In return, I’ve offered you forgiveness in His name. But behind the partition that separates us, I’m nothing more than a man who has long questioned his own faith.

Your contrition is my invitation: to mete out the kind of justice you pray will never come. I’m neither pious, nor merciful, despite what you see. I’m an imposter, an abomination to all I represent. A quiet executioner who’s kept below the radar.

Until her.

She’s seen what I’ve done. She knows the man beneath the cloth and my every mortal sin. She has witnessed the uncontrollable vices she hopes to use against me in order to get what she covets most.

Yet, I know her sins, too. Ones she doesn’t bother to confess. The kind, for which, there is no absolution.



If there is one author I trust implicitly with dark romance, it’s Keri Lake. While her characters are morally dubious at best, they always have a good core and a good reason for their actions. In Absolution we are introduced into a new world that is no less violent and bleak as her Vigilante world.

Ivy is poison in my blood.

Like all her male characters Damon has experienced great loss. He turned to his faith and became a priest and so far he has been steadfast and strong. Enter Ivy. I wouldn’t call her a damsel in distress, the problems she has are way more sinister. One day she witnesses and proper Father Damon doing something very unpriestly and uses that knowledge to manipulate him into helping her getting rid of the thorn in her side that is actually more of a dagger.

Damon is charismatic, mysterious and commanding but also surprisingly kind. No one would ever call him sweet though, except when we get the flashbacks and glimpses of him with his daughter.

Ivy is a cunning little devil but she isn’t a bad person. She has no compunctions to fight dirty to survive and has buckets of spunk. But there is also a vulnerability and it gets pronounced towards the end when she shows the weakness she has for the sinful priest.

“You’re quite the little serpent, aren’t you? Disguising yourself as innocent and naïve?”
“And you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so how bout we both shed these skins and be real for a moment.

ABSOLUTION is a long-ish novella but Miss Lake has this incredible talent to masterfully plot like there is no tomorrow. You get unbelievable depth for a book of this word count. It feels like a full length novel.

Keri Lake doesn’t use pretty words in her books. They are honest and gritty, violence is part of the world her books are set in so she doesn’t spare the reader by fading to black. Yet there are glimpses of purity and beauty and light and those are the ones you live for when you take a book by this author into your hands. I hope she expands on this world and makes it a series because I need more Ivy and Damon!

I can’t take my eyes off this girl, this enigmatic, intriguing little creature who’s seized my attention.


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