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I have combined these two in a Weekly Wrap-up post because I’m a lazy bum.

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Well, I’ve given up thinking about my TBR list, I’ll just happily one-click whatever catches my eye. I have no impulse control whatsoever #sorrynotsorry




In preparation for next month’s #RARE signing in Rome I bought a couple of books and the first batch arrived this week. Unfortunately two of the books will stay behind because Thea Harrison had to cancel due to health reasons. Makes me sad, because she was one of my unicorn authors.

I received one ARC this week – Thank you to Loveswept and Kate Meader!

The closer it gets to my vacation in Italy the more I feel I need it. I’m feeling a little spread thin with work, the blog and school. It’s partly my own fault because I’m overbooking myself and school is taking a backseat at the moment simply because I can’t just work full-time and do school without doing anything fun. However, I need to get back into the habit of doing classes.

I’ve been working out twice, three times a week for a couple of weeks now and I really feel so much better. I also stopped eating sugar a couple of days ago so I’m curious how that’s gonna work out. I hear that many people feel better and more energetic once they gave up sugar. Does any of you have any experience with that?



  • Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett is the start of the American Gods series and I enjoyed this novella so much. I couldn’t believe that it was really only a novella, it feels like a full length novel. I’m a first-time reader of R. Scarlett’s but it only took this story to reel me in. Can’t wait for the first full length book in this series!
  • A Dom is Forever by Lexi Blake is the third in the Masters & Mercenaries series and I enjoyed this one more than the first two. I’m on the home run of the first five stories and there are some new characters I really want to read more about.
  • Planet Dragos by Thea Harrison finishes up Dragos and Pia’s story line. That’s a little like saying goodbye to friends.


I’m planning to post a couple of reviews next week.

Of course there’ll also be a couple of promo posts.

Well, that’s it from me. Did you get any books I need to buy? My one-clicker is happy to comply. Oh, that rhymes! 


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