Also by this author: Lost For You, Down To You
Also in this series: Lost For You, Down To You
Series: Sixth Street Bands #3
on October 23rd 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: audiobook ARC
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One mistake. Four years of regret. A second chance worth fighting for.

When I traded one dream for another, she was the price. My Anna. But I never forgot her. Never let go. And no amount of drumming could drown out my love for her. Her music is in my head.


And when I see her again, it's so clear. Anna is mine. She'll always be mine. I just have to convince her.

Missing From Me is an epic story about second chances, redemption, undying love, and music. Because every great romance deserves a soundtrack.


by Jayne Frost

Music is the fuel that gets me through my life. I get up with it, I dream with it, I travel with it. I live music every single day so it’s a given that Rock Star Romances are my kryptonite. It might be for that reason that I’m particularly hard on them when it comes to reviews.

I didn’t know Jayne Frost until last winter, when my friend Maria asked me if I wanted to review her new release Lost for You. As always my schedule was tight so I had to decline. I did buy the book though. When the first reviews started popping up I got really excited. I then received a promo code for the audio book of Missing from Me.

Jacob Morgan/Zachary Webber can read the phonebook and I’d still listen to him. He’s got this sexy deep voice that sends a tingle down your spine. Elena Wolf/Andie Arndt isn’t just a complimentary voice, she is pretty awesome herself and I really loved listening to them bringing Missing From Me to life. They were phenomenal.

This story was angstier than I expected and I needed to take breaks in between to gather courage to read on. It’s a second chance romance about highschool sweethearts who broke up for reasons that aren’t obvious at the beginning – Anna and Sean are in love and it’s so obvious that when their relationship unravels you are dumbfounded. As you dig deeper into Anna and Sean’s life you realize that you can’t just pin it down on one reason alone. There are so many layers and facets for their break-up that it’s extremely difficult for them to glue back together what once was broken.

Both of them are equally beautiful. Sean’s remorse for his mistakes is so palpable – it’s hard to hate him for it. It takes a strong woman to see past them. Anna doesn’t make it easy on Sean and it takes the whole book for her to let him back in. Sean’s good intentions are obvious and he does all the wrong things for the right reasons. You could feel down to your soul that this was a man who wanted nothing more than to make it right for the woman he loved. He just had a bit of a clumsy way to go about it. What I need to say though is how much I loved Sean. He was everything, the way he loved Anna and his daughter was dreamy.

Sean tasted like he smelled. Like sunny days at the lake. And a bowl of fresh oranges.
And home.

Anna was a wonderful heroine. She had her flaws but she was never a hypocrite. She admitted them freely and tried to be better. I am glad that while I still could feel the love she had for this man she held her own and drew a line when things didn’t work for her the way Sean went on about them. One mistake she made was huge – I didn’t feel that she did it because she was selfish – still I would have liked a little bit more remorse and a better explanation.

Their connection was beautiful. It was a love made for a lifetime. I rooted for them from the start and was gutted when they encountered another pitfall on their way to their HEA.

Whether she invaded my dreams or I occupied hers, I wasn’t sure. But when I drifted off, Anna was with me, beneath our willow tree, with lips that tasted like candy.

When Sean finally gets his head sorted and knows what he has to do to win back the love of his life you will feel relief and exhilaration. I adored Sean and Anna’s journey, as hard as it was but it also reminds me to fight for the things that are essential in your life and let go of what’s dispensable.

A hightlight was the bromance between the bandmates. Logan, Sean’s best friend, didn’t make it easy on me to love him but I’m pretty sure once I have the whole picture I’ll love him too.

Missing from Me was a phenomenal introduction to the Sixth Street Bands series and while I adore Jacob Morgan as a narrator it’s Jayne Frost’s extraordinary talent that made this second chance rock star romance amazing. I am in awe of how flawless this author’s writing is. It completely resonated with me and I’m looking forward to catch up with the other books in this series.

“I love you,” I said, sweeping a tendril of hair from her brow.
Another smile. “I love you more.”

That wasn’t possible, but I didn’t tell her. Because we had love to spare. And music. A never-ending symphony.


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