REVIEW: L.H. COSWAY ✭ HOW THE LIGHT GETS INHow The Light Gets In by L.H. Cosway
Also by this author: A Crack In Everything
Series: The Cracks Duet #2
on February 6th 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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He came back to me 16 minutes and 59 seconds into Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7.

We parted amid tragedy, so it seemed poetic. Dylan O’Dea, my childhood sweetheart, had once meant everything to me. Now we were strangers, and honestly, after eleven years I never thought I’d see him again.

I lived in the world of the average, of getting paid by the hour and budgeting to make ends meet. But Dylan, he lived in the world of wealth and success. He’d achieved the great things I always suspected he would. The dissatisfaction he’d felt as a teenager had obviously been an excellent motivator.

He started a business from scratch, pioneered a brand, and created perfumes adored by women across the globe. I was just one of the people who’d been there before. Now he was living his best life in the after.

And me, well, I’d been in a dark place for a while. Slowly but surely, I was letting the light back in, but there was something missing. I was an unfinished sentence with an ellipsis at the end. And maybe, if I was brave enough to take the chance, Dylan could be my happy ending.

How the Light Gets In is Book #2 and the concluding instalment in L.H. Cosway’s Cracks duet.

How The Light Gets In

by L.H. Cosway

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

Eleven years after Evelyn let Dylan go she still hasn’t found equilibrium. The heartbreaking event in her teenage years has hardened her, gone is the sunny girl who could light up the room with her personality. In her stead we find a closed off, world-weary Evelyn. Until coincidence brings Dylan back into her life. Both of them now in New York, they fumble to fuse the broken strings of their once tight-knit young love.

Dylan is now the producer of his own perfume and a successful businessman. His wealth hasn’t changed him and he still looks at Evelyn with starry eyes. I have no words for how perfect, how sweet, wonderful, endearing and amazing he is. His love for Evelyn, even after such a long time, is in every word, in every gesture and I was hoping that Evelyn would sort herself out soon.

I saw the stark, blatant honesty in his words and mourned for all the time we’d lost. Mourned because I had been lost in mourning. We both had been. He had to leave when he did. I had to stay when he left. Our paths diverged, first one, then two.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard, she is locked up in her little world of gloom and it takes Dylan a lot of gentle and loving prodding to get her out of the funk. His infinite patience with her was nothing short of astounding.

Evelyn has left Ireland to live with her aunt after her gran died and she had nothing left in Dublin. She works at the bar her aunt manages and has given up growing flowers. The color has left her life on that horrible day eleven years ago. Little by little and with Dylan’s tender love and care, his open affection she first finds fragments and then bigger pieces of herself. It was so good to see her coming back into her old self.

I loved Dylan and Evelyn’s connection. They had such a solid friendship, their banter underscored it. I was so rooting for them. And oh my, Dylan was sexy as sin and temptation personified. How Evelyn resisted his loving and sensual onslaught, I have no idea. He is one of the most romantic characters I’ve every read about. His sweet gestures killed me. Every. Time.

“Each perfume I’ve create was inspired by you, Ev. Synaesthesia is you in the morning, when you’ve just woken up. Wildflower is you when you dance. E.V is you when you smile. Limerence is how I love you. And Hiraeth is how I’ve felt for eleven years without you in my life.”

HOW THE LIGHT COMES IN is a satisfying conclusion to this duet. In my opinion this is L.H. Cosway’s best work so far, at least out of those I’ve read. The language is wonderfully lyrical yet modern, fitting the main characters’ creative talents.

 The scent was . . . sophisticated where once there’d been the naivety of a novice. It was . . . glorious, sumptuous, a medley of wonder.

Both installments are strong in their own way. The first has the foreboding of things to come and enhances the quality of the love all of the characters feel for each other. The second has the angst of unrequited love although we all know it has always been there for both the hero and heroine. Both installments together are a supremely emotional, sublime, exceptional, even a little life-changing story that will leave a lasting impression. I have no idea what to do with myself at the moment – I know that these books will stay with me for a long time.

I glanced at the man beside me and fell in love even deeper, because he’d flicked the switch. He’d turned on the light bulb in my mind, shown me a new way of thinking just like he did when we were teenagers. Only this time, I didn’t hate the world. I didn’t see the cracks. I saw all the beautiful, flawed and wonderful parts that held them all together.

Thank you, Ms. Cosway, for sharing your wonderful talent and Dylan and Evelyn with us, thanks for giving me the chance to read this wonderful duet.


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  • Aaaaww this looks so sweet <3 I love reconnecting kind of relationships and how much Dylan cares for Evelyn and takes care of her when she's not feeling her best self… That's so adorable. I think I'll add this one to my TBR. (Do you think I need to read the first one?) And also, what a lovely cover! I love the palette so much <3
    Wonderful review, Astrid!

  • I just finished the first one today and have to write my review (hopefully this weekend). The first one is rather 4 stars to me. I liked it very much and the characters were adorable but it lacked the wow factor that I hoped based on all the reviews. Excellent review Astrid!!!

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