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Lights on!

Eek, I mean that one…

And like that, the first week of January is over! If you think now that weekend has finally started…well not for me. I’m in crunching mode – my first uni exam is coming up next week. School really crimps your style if you have tons of books coming up to read and review. Aaaanyway, sleep is overrated.

I’m currently reading The Bitterroot Inn, which is excellent. The characters are wonderful (Hunter is dreamy *sigh*) and the writing stellar. Devney Perry is a new-to-me author and she couldn’t leave a better impression. Up next will be Sarina Bowen’s Man Card. I adored the first one so it’ll be interesting to see how this one compares.

So what is everyone reading? What’s coming up for you? Does anything limit your reading time?

Let’s talk about the movers and shakers of this weeks bookish news! Did you see all the awesome cover reveals this week? I had a moment of silence for my ovaries after seeing K. Bromberg’s Combust-cover.

What’s with all the finger snapping?

Then there was A.L. Jackson’s Follow Me Back and Kendall Ryan’s Baby Daddy. For book covers this definitely was an awesome week. Have you heard any share-worthy book news ? Let me know in the comments! Until next week, ta ta!

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  • I try to reserve as much time for reading as I can, even to the point of forsaking other hobbies. But sometimes I just don’t feel like it and end up procrastinating hahaha (which is why my blogging schedule is a mess) I’m currently reading The Ugly Teapot, which I started a year ago and really wanted to finish since it was a review request… So far so good but it’s always a struggle when you haven’t read it for so long.
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your book so far and best of luck with your exams! It’s positively cruel to bombard students with them right after the holidays… Ugh.
    P.S.: Love the finger snapping gifs! And there’s no such thing as too many xD

    • Me too. Especially if I’m struggling with a book I tend to find other things to do, like, I need a graphic for abook I just finished. I love making them but it’s super time consuming.

      I need to check out The Ugly Teapot, I love the title! Did you just continue or start at the beginning?

      Thank you for the good luck wishes, I will need them since I work full time too and haven’t had much chance to study.

      PS. Yay 😁 I love them too. I was looking for one where the light goes on when the guy snaps his finger. No dice lol

      • Absolutely my issue as well… I do love graphics, so I spend a ridiculous amount of time on them too hahaha
        Oh I just continued. I had taken some notes so I felt like I could do that with no immediate consequences to my enjoyment (and I’m really really lazy about re-reading anything xD). So far, I think I’ve succeeded! It’s MG so I’m not sure you’d like it but it’s been fun 🙂
        Hahaha well, maybe someone’ll come up with that! Or you can start making your own gifs – yet another activity to procrastinate your reading 😛

        • Haha!
          Wow, I think I once did that when I read Lord of the Rings for the first time. It took me a year to read half of the first book.
          Don’t mind MG if it’s a sweet story 😀

  • Hang on tight Astrid!!! And yes Hunter is dreamy! Calvin Klein model dreamy * insert sigh and drool*. I will cross my fingers for your exam.

  • Great talk on books and you are right about the release of covers this week!! So MANY sexy ones.

    I have been working a ton, and lots of early hours so I have been so tired this past week so haven’t had the energy to read as much as I would like. Hope it returns soon because I miss reading.

    • Good luck for that! I always feel like something’s not right if I don’t read at least an hour a day! I hope things will slow down for you soon!

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