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I should’ve never agreed to this arrangement…
Thirty days ago, my boss—Mr. Wolf of Wall Street, came to me with an offer I couldn’t refuse: Sign my name on the dotted line and pretend to be his fiancée for one month. If I agreed, he would let me out of my employment contract with a “very generous” severance package.
The rules were pretty simple: No intimate kissing, no actual sex. Just pretend to love each other for the press, even though I’ve secretly wanted to knock that sexy smirk off his face since the first day we met. 
I definitely didn’t need to think twice about this. I signed my name and started counting down the seconds to when I would never have to deal with his special brand of ass-holery again. 
I only made it to one minute…
We argued the entire four-hour flight to his hometown, failed to make a convincing impression with the welcoming press, and right when I was about to knock that arrogant look off his face in real life? He purposely dropped his bath towel in front of me, distracting me with his nine-inch cock to “show me who the bigger person was” in our relationship. Then he gave me his trademark smirk once again and asked if I wanted to consummate our marriage.
Tragically, this is only day one
We still have 29 more days to go..

Well well well. Miss Whitney has done it again. Many of her stories are quite similar, yet, every time I read one they are like a fresh breeze all over again: funny, with strong heroines, arrogant and cocky heroes who is putty in the heroine’s hands. And thus is also the formula for Thirty Day Boyfriend.

Can I trust you two not to kill each other while I’m gone?”
We didn’t answer.
“Okay, well…” He sighed. “Just don’t talk to each other at all until I get back.”
“No problem,” we said in unison.

Emily is a workaholic and hates working for her arrogant boss. I have to admit I didn’t quite get why she was so hell bent on leaving her job. It wasn’t that she shied away from work, no her work ethic was better than stellar. She earned a hell of a lot of money, had benefits an employee can only dream about, a boss who, yes, was arrogant as all get out but the more I learned about him, the more I saw how much he appreciated Emily. A little further in the book I also learned that their relationship wasn’t just professional and that Nicholas was actually very sweet with the heroine. So that provided a little bit confusion but didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this story at all. But Emily was super smart, ALWAYS had a comeback on her lips and gave as good as she got.

“I’ve told you countless times before that I don’t drink your coffee. I don’t like the extra vanilla you always request.”
He spun the nearly empty cup around in his hands, tapping the part where remnants of my red lipstick stained the lid. “That’s Vinnie’s lipstick,” I said.
“I’m sure.”

Nicholas is just what you always get when you pick up a Whitney G. book – a filthy-mouthed, hot, charismatic and controlling man. With Emily he met his match and their banter underscored their explosive chemistry. And yeah, maybe he was a bit of a douche but he was a sweet douche and I loved that his lovable side really stood out towards the end of the story.

If I have one complaint then it’s that the story wasn’t longer. I would love to have a little bit depth on the characters but hey, those are quick fixes that are as satisfying as a chocolate bar. I love that Whitney G. is reliable like that. She always delivers enjoyable, fun-filled and flirty stories with hilarious dialogues that will make you swoon.

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