The Royals #4


Erin Watt

✮✮✮ 4 STARS ✮✮✮

I’m keeping this deliberately short because this review is supposed to be spoiler-free.

If you have read the previous installments of this series you know what you’ll receive if you pick up Fallen Heir. These two authors follow their now well-known formula of an addicting plot with lots of drama, a seemingly unredeemable hero and a strong likable heroine.

Easton is totally different from Reed. He isn’t as brooding, he actually wants to enjoy his life. He always has a joke or comeback on his lips, takes nothing really seriously and is cocky AF – all he is occupied with is his pleasure and how to get into women’s pants and fast. Easton definitely drinks too much, so much that you actually worry about him. He numbs his fears and worries and deep emotions in alcohol. I did sympathize with his issues, the death of his mom did a number on him.

Easton doesn’t have a brain-to-mouth filter and never considers the consequences of his actions. Throughout the book I was waiting for him to show a sign of maturity. There were glimpses of it – for example when he actually started to give thought to how he treated people…but ultimately no major breakthrough. Although everything of the above would actually be a deal breaker there is something about him that just made me hold on to him, something that made me care about him.

Hartley is easy to like, she is a hard worker, has a history of her own. She gives Easton a run for his money. I loved that she didn’t trip over her feet just to please him. I felt for her and admired her for how she mastered her special situation. She did fall flat for me sometimes but I think that was because this book is told solely from Easton’s point of view.

Again we get a cliffy at the end of the book and if that one doesn’t make Easton grow up nothing will. I actually shrieked and blurted out “no-way”.
These two authors have given us again an utterly addicting and un-put-downable story. I can’t wait to see how Easton will handle all the events from Fallen Heir. Until then, I’ll be curled up in the corner with a bottle of wine and rock myself forth and back until I hold Cracked Kingdom in my hands.

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