Kylie Scott

✮✮✮ 4.5 Stars ✮✮✮

“Racks full of magazines filled the front glass wall; nothing could be seen of us below chest height. Above that line, the world was red, white, and blue.

Edie and Georgia only want to get snacks for a Harry Potter marathon. They never imagined that an innocent trip to a drop shop would become their worst nightmare. All of a sudden Edie is looking at the wrong end of a gun and two men are dead. A boy saves her life. A boy who is under suspicion of collaboration with the robber.
And if all that wasn’t upsetting enough her best friend betrays her trust. The final straw comes from the school’s (b)witch who bullies Edie  and she is done with private school. She’d rather go to public school and get a fresh start..

John saved Edie’s life and was taken into custody because of his criminal record of selling weed. It is thanks to Edie that he was released quickly when his role became obvious. Back at school he sees the new girl but doesn’t approach her – his reputation shouldn’t rub off on Edie. Of course his good intentions don’t last long. A nightly visit and a conversation about the aftermath and nightmares of that horrible day strengthen the bond that was formed that night in the convenience store.

Events like this one will change a person. There is no way it won’t. Edie used to be a normal teen with all the insecurities that come with it. Well maybe not so normal because she has been bullied for a plus size body. What would have hurt Edie before the night of the robbery she now brushes off. She has become strong and resilient, her focus shifted and her priorities too.
The self-consciousness about her body doesn’t disappear but weighed against losing your life it becomes insignificant. What becomes stronger is her need for privacy. She doesn’t take her best friend’s betrayal well and in the process trust doesn’t come easy to her. Who she really trusts, however, is John.
I loved Edie’s snark, her care about John and her imperturbable loyalty for him. But of course she is also a young girl and she does some immature things.

John Cole was stupidly beautiful, in that he was so beautiful it made me stupid.

John has inherited the weed selling business from his brother who has moved on to harder drugs. After the day that changed his life he tries everything to get his life back on track. He stops selling, he makes an effort to improve his grades at school but every single day he has to fight against prejudice. John’s and Edie’s bond becomes stronger every day and their friendship is beautiful.

“Thanks for tonight,” I said, keeping my voice low. “This is nice.”
He smiled. “Yeah, it is.”
“We should be friends.”
Brows arched, he gave me an amused look. He had nice lips. “We are, you goose.

You can only guess at John’s feelings for Edie because you only get her POV but at some point you get an inkling that not everything is as platonic as he makes it out to be. 

John’s a bit moody but very sweet and honest and a wonderful friend. He is the kind who has your back when you need a getaway car, even if he is at odds with you. While reading I saw an endearing boy with a whole lot of love to give and his share of insecurities despite the flashy good looks. 

The whole cast of this book is very well fleshed out. I loved Hang, who accepts Edie the way she was. She is just as loyal as John and a great friend to have when you need someone at your back. Anders, John’s best friend, is a nutcase and oh so hilarious. I hope that Kylie Scott has a story for him and Hang!

In the beginning of the story my heart was in my throat. It grips you right away and pulls you into it. When the anxiety of the first 10% eases it starts to become a captivating story. This isn’t just a love story between teenagers. It touches some subjects young people have to deal with on a daily basis and Kylie Scott addresses them tactfully. It has her signature snarky writing style which I have become a fan of!
If I can find any fault with this book it was the lack of a proper last chapter that would ease us into an epilogue. We have some action and a showdown, then cut: “Epilogue.” That threw me a bit.  I loved the epilogue, but it didn’t make up for a proper last chapter. Overall Trust made for an engaging and compelling read.

“Me too. On the… you know.”
I cocked my head. “You mean the love thing?”
“Yeah. That.”

Trust is a standalone novel. An awesome one. Read it.

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