Steamy Coffee Collection #3

Whitney G.

The city of New York is full of desperate and frustrated publicists because they had the “pleasure” to work with Ryan, CEO of a billion dollar real estate corporation. Ryan is the living nightmare of a client with a filthy, filterless mouth and a matching attitude.

Enter Penelope. When her assistant tells her about an anonymous client who wants her company to represent him she is torn between excitement and worry. The guy paid her for a year and a horrendous amount of money. So what’s the catch? Another nail in her coffin is her ex who keeps poaching her clients and a germaphobe room mate and she decided to follow her best friend’s advice. A one-night-stand might be exactly what she needs.
In order to get a very persistent man off her back she kisses a random guy. A man who oozes sex. A man she takes home and has the best sex of her life with. Only to find out that this man is her new client.
As usual we get a sexy, flirty, delicious and dirty novella which is so much fun to read.  Not much story yet oddly satisfying. Ryan has the typical Whitney G – vibe, super alpha, cocky, arrogant and filthy. Her heroines are always strong, smart and self confident – of course they need to be with men like these heroes. Penelope is always one step ahead of Ryan.
One thing that is a reccurring thing in this author’s books are the emails. They are hilarious and cheeky, often sarcastic with that dry sense of humour I so love.
This collection of novellas have been a huge success and I really hope Whitney continues writing them. They are fantastic if you need a quick, sexy and satisfying fix!

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