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Hailey’s company, Fetch, a virtual assistant service is going well. She runs it together with he ex-husband. Their specialty is it to procure goods and services whenever one of their clients needs one. Hailey highly suspects that one of their high profile clients is Toronto’s famous veteran forward, Matt Eriksson. And wouldn’t that be cool? She loooves hockey and she has always had a bit of a crush on the handsome guy.

Eighteen months ago Matt’s wife asked him for a divorce. She claimed she was sick of him hardly being at home, missing out on birthdays and milestones when he was on the road with the team.

Matthew Eriksson folks. Chronic Disappointer of wives.

He moved out and had Fetch furnish his new apartment. He has been a loyal client, having much appreciation for this company whose employees have been life savers on countless occasions.

These days Matt is more of a homebody when he is not on a road trip. He tries to make as much time as possible for his twin girls even though his ex always decides when he gets to see them. Hailey is so different from his wife, not just in the looks department. She is warm and caring. He loves that she is into hockey, they also share their experience of a failed marriage. Yet, Matt knows he will disappoint Hailey at some point and he dreads the day he will see that look in her eyes.

As my ex can attest to, I suck at relationships. My job definitely isn’t conducive to them— the lifestyle, the long absences, killed my marriage. I don’t know what Hottie is looking for with me, but if it’s something long term, I’m not sure I’m capable of that.

These two main characters really mesh. Hailey’s marriage did a number on  her and she gets super nervous around Matt. When she texts him she is full of sass and wit but when she is in the same room with this sexy man she rapidly loses a couple of IQ points. Their make-out sessions tend to end in Hailey awkwardly running away and then finding a hundred stupid reasons why she can’t text the guy she starts to fall for.

Matt steers her towards being more comfortable with him. He is a laid-back guy who has a surprisingly bossy side about him in the bedroom. God, that was HOT. His divorce left  him with his own hangups about relationships and he is convinced that he’ll never be good enough. Or enough per se. It takes him a while to see the light, to realize that he is throwing away a good thing only because of his fear to disappoint.

I loved that there wasn’t any extended and over-the-top drama. These two people know what they expect from life. Matt isn’t a player, he is so far from the usual jock we get in books, and Hailey is a sweet heroine whose confidence didn’t survive her marriage. Under Matt’s care and attention she starts to blossom though.

Hailey needs sex. Good sex. And lots of it. I’ve caught glimpses of her steel, her confidence, her sexiness, usually in our online exchanges. But in person, it’s like she’s second-guessing herself all the time. The poor girl needs to get her mojo back, and I’ve decided I’m the man for the job. Just call me Matt the Mojo Maker.

I really loved that he gave her some of that self assurance back. One word about their chemistry in the bedroom…combustible. Seriously, Matt really turns up the heat. It was sweet to watch them fall in love.

“I’m ridiculously attracted to you, Hottie. I figured I should be upfront about that.”
“Shut up and kiss me again, Snipes.”

Again these two authors create lovable characters. I can’t repeat it often enough but Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy create magic with their humorous dialogues and engaging story lines. We are able to catch up with Blake and Jess, and get to hang out a bit with Wes and Jamie. We also get a leeeettle teasing glimpse on who will be one of the next hero and heroine in this wonderful series. And you bet I will read that one.

“Question,” Hailey whispers after a while.
“Do you always hum ‘O Canada’ while you have sex?”
 I let out a very unsexy snort, and she giggles. “No. That was special. Only for you.”

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