Lawless #3


Lexi Blake

“Oh, my God. You’re a big old nerd under all that alpha male scariness, aren’t you?

This is the book I’ve been waiting for in this series. I couldn’t wait to learn how the mysterious and charismatic Drew Lawless, head of the Lawless siblings, would fall for the redheaded reporter Shelby Gates.
Here’s a warning – if you haven’t read the first two installments in this series do not read on.

Drew’s one goal has always been to bring the murderer of his parents to justice. He followed it single-mindedly and left no room for distraction. Well, until Shelby walked into his organized life. Drew’s plan to bring her on board to investigate the murder is well thought-out. Slap a NDA on the table, along with a contract including an irresistible offer, the story of Shelby’s life and everything is just peachy.

Our smart investigative reporter doesn’t read the small print though and only later she will learn what the ingenious CEO of his programming company is capable of. She is fascinated by the twists this case has and she WANTS that story.  It doesn’t hurt that Drew is veeerry easy on the eyes. He offers her protection and she offers her connections. Their relationship escalates quickly and soon their very souls are at stake.

Drew is a jerk. No way around. But he has a reason and that’s why I could forgive him. Drew was the one who found his parents murdered in their house when he was 14 years old. He was also the one who saved his siblings from the fire in which they would have most likely died, too. Ever since he has been the one everyone relied on. This hero sacrificed pretty much everything so that his siblings would want for nothing, that they could be together again. He lived pretty much in the past from the day he lost his parents up until now. Oftentimes you get a glimpse of the boy who never moved on so I really understood why he was so focused and would not have anything stand in his way. He also has an endearing sort of naivete about him when it comes to relationships. His enthusiasm for Shelby is adorable.

You need to know that I’ve been thrown for a loop and it’s all you. You, Shelby. You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever known and I’m all in. Do you want to know what I’m thinking right now?”
“You’re scheming.”
“I am. I’m trying to figure out how to keep you close to me even when I screw up and do things you won’t like.” Even when you find out I’m lying to you.

Drew is a master manipulator, he knows how to direct people to get them where he wants them. At the same time he keeps most people at arm’s length. No one can ever see his demons, not even his siblings. When Shelby crashes into his life, though, he didn’t anticipate this sweet yet strong, smart woman. He pushed her away a couple of times and, yes, he did irritate me with his behavior but I still could see that he had never learned to let anyone in. And when he finally did it was amazing. No better grovel than a man on his knees. Literally.

That was the key to Drew. He would take almost anything if he thought he was helping. Taking responsibility was the core of Drew’s personality. She’d been wrong to try to leave him out this morning. He needed to be needed.

Shelby is a clever, observant woman with a quick mind so I did not understand why she didn’t read the contract completely. She also has an endless capacity of compassion and understanding for Drew and how he handles things but the way she deals with him was amazing. She sensed that the guy was still this lost boy sometimes and just needed a hug. There is so much patience for this troubled man but also a backbone of steel.
One thing I didn’t appreciate was Charlotte (from this author’s Masters and Mercenaries series, Love and Let Die) reacting to one Shelby’s decisions and making her reconsider. Drew didn’t deserve her kindness in that moment.

I loved the banter and how Drew and Shelby gravitated towards each other. Their chemistry was off the charts. They are like night and day in their personality, she is trusting and he highly suspicious of pretty much everything and there is a stark difference how they react to similar situations. Drew lets the anger get the best of him and Shelby is like a balm for his soul.

This is my favorite installment of the series. It had a lot of angst, much more than the other two parts. We get to see all the other Lawless siblings and some of the Taggarts as well as a new addition to the cast. There are some minor twists in this book, the focus is, however, on the romance. I felt satisfied that the villain received their rightful punishment. The only thing that I found missing was an epilogue – it is the conclusion of a series after all.

Lexi Blake has completely won me over with Drew’s story. Her writing is effortless. There is suspense and humor and of course good-natured ribbing only siblings can give you. Also, give me a nerd with an alpha tendency and I’m putty in your hands. I am really looking forward to catching up with the backlist of this author.

“You’ve had five complaints against you that HR has had to settle.”
“None of those were for sexual harassment. Not a one.”
“No, they were because you’re a jerk sometimes. You cannot fire someone because they like the wrong house on Game of Thrones.” She didn’t understand his world.
“I was perfectly reasonable. He doesn’t understand the seven kingdoms at all. No Lannister belongs on the Iron Throne. Not even Tyrion.”

Revenge is part of a series and needs to be read in order. 

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