Haven Brotherhood #3


Rhenna Morgan


Trevor is a fair employer. He has a small number of rules at his bar he expects his staff to follow. One of them is a no-cellphone rule during work. Unfortunately his newest addition doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo – she uses her phone while working her shift at The Den. Before canning her he needs to find out what it is that has her risking her job.

Natalie’s ex-husband is terrorizing her family which consists of her son and her mother watching him. When her boss finds her on the phone while she is trying to calm down her mom she has no choice but to tell Trevor about the troubles Nat is in. Trevor being the amazing guy that he is sends her home to take care of her family. Unbeknownst to her he follows her and gets there in time witnessing the jerk ex threatening Natalie.

Trevor has a history with domestic violence. His mother died from being beat to death by her dad so it takes everything in him to reign in his volatile temperament. He poses as Nat’s boyfriend and accomplishes that the ex leaves for the night. But he will be back, Trevor is sure of it, so a long-term plan needs to be set in motion…

Hell no, he wasn’t okay. He wanted to physically punish Wyatt Jordan in a way he’d never forget. Wanted to fuck his entire world up the way he’d upended Natalie and Levi’s. 

Trevor was a super possessive guy with a troubled past. It’s a known and successful formula by Rhenna Morgan. I love this kind of hero but would have liked to get a different feel about him than I had with Jace and Zeke. If you compare them they are all very similar and I wanted to see a bit of a different personality. Nevertheless, Trevor was a likable, sensual typically charming southern guy with a dirty mouth and impeccable manners.

“Anything. Everything. Always.”

Natalie was a tad too bland for my taste. While she put up a fight when her ex bullied her she just was a bit too tame. And I definitely wasn’t a fan of how she treated Trevor in the end.
She was determined to give her son a better life and to overcome the repercussion of her bad choices in the past. I did love the way she and Trevor were with Levi. I just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm I had for Vivienne.

I found to be the first 70% of this story to be much slower than the first two books in this series. The plot didn’t take off the way the others did for me. It was lacking the drive I’m used to. The last 30% were perfect in terms of pace and we got the suspense and action I love when it comes to this author. I really loved that part of the book.

“You ready for more than just light and easy between us?”

As always the dynamics of the brothers are my favorite thing in this series. Their easy banter, the loyalty, their obvious love for one another and how they have each other’s back.

While this installment might not have been my favorite in this series it was still a solid book. Also, as always, please take my review with a grain of salt. It IS highly subjective and you might totally fall in love with Trevor and Natalie. I am definitely going to read Knox’ story – I love a nerdy hero and can’t wait to see what Rhenna Morgan comes up with for him.

Claim & Protect is part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

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