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Ginger Scott

When we get a Ginger Scott book it’s a sure bet that it will be something different, something that will put your heart through an emotional meat grinder. It will be deliciously angsty and you will want to talk about it  with your book bestie.

The story continues right where the first in this duet ended. Joss is on her way to look for Wes and to visit her grandmother Grace in Arizona to learn more about her mom. On this journey she receives answers from Grace which raise even more questions and she is not one step closer to finding Wes. Until she takes a closer look at one of the pics her grandmother gave her. The depth of the secrets and lies that become more apparent with every half-truth she learns are staggering.

This is all you get about the plot from me. Yeah. Tough luck, huh? 😉 I promise you’ll be better off going in without being spoiled.

Joss has matured a lot from where we started in book 1. Yes, she still lashes out, especially when she feels the sting of rejection but the heartbreak she experienced had her growing up fast. Not only is there a new maturity to her, there is also an unbreakable strength.

“I know you don’t need a hero, Joss. You are the strongest person I know. Even so, I can’t help myself. I never could. And not because someone told me I was supposed to, either.”

She deals with problems adults would sway under and does it with dignity. Well. Mostly. Joss and her dad start building a relationship and while it remains complicated there is still a lot of love. She is a lioness and ready to defend those she loves.

Wes isn’t weird. He isn’t alien. He’s a gift— rare and mine.

Wes is…Wes. He is such an unassuming, little bit bashful and sweet guy. Quiet, protective and so honest about his love for Joss. He is steadfast in his feelings for her and so wants to be the hero his girl deserves.

Wes closes the small distance between us and cups my cheeks, pulling my head toward his and resting our foreheads together. “I love you something fierce,” he whispers, and for the first time in an hour, my pulse begins to slow.

Wes has his own demons to fight and it was hard to see him hurting, this good young man with a heart the size of Texas.

And can I say that Kyle is the best friend ever? I think my book bestie and I will have to gang up on Ginger and bully her into writing his story. This guy is so good and sweet and always ready to provide comic relief when things get too serious. I adored him. Her dad has really grown on me too.

Finally I’d like to explain why I deducted a half star. In the last 20% something happens and I could not explain the necessity of this twist. These characters have gone through so much, they have always prevailed. Why send them through hell another time?

Ginger Scott’s tale about a boy and a girl who aren’t anything like us is poignant, definitely heart warming and complex. And every time she teaches me something. This story is about growth, being brave to be different and that facing adversity with people at your side is so much easier. And it reminds us that nothing is written in stone. People can change, situations can change and you can be the change

The writing is impeccable and draws you in from the first words. This author’s stories have a way to linger with me and even after days I still miss Wes and Joss. This one has so many twists that it gives you whiplash. It is also a little bit magical and I hope that a lot of people will pick up this duet and read it.

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