Temptation #4


Ella Frank

✭✭✭ 5 “SEX ON LEGS” STARS ✭✭✭

The Boys are back!!! God. GOD. I have no idea where to start, I’m a mess. *takes a deep breath*

It’s always so hard to do a book justice with your review if you love the characters and their journey like I adore these two. From the first book on Ella Frank’s spellbinding, charismatic heroes of her Temptation series took my heart away and have refused to give it up again ever since. When I heard that this author would continue her amazing MM Romance I squealed. And did the Carlton dance.

Of course, there is always a bit of apprehension when an author decides to continue with the story of a couple he or she left in a happy place. So you might wonder if these books are necessary. Well, if you remember, there were a couple loose ends in the last three books I definitely think that there is enough material there to continue writing more Logan & Tate. 

The story starts around four years after we left them. I am not going into plot details because I think the experience will be even better if you go in blind. Just trust Ella that she will do right by them. What I can say, however, is that Logan and Tate are in a good place. They love each other unconditionally, are devoted and as committed as commitment-phobe Logan allows. And Tate is more than OK with that – he has Logan’s utter devotion and it’s going both ways.

Logan is his usual arrogant and filterless self but there is a new layer of, let’s call it maturity, to him that makes him so absolutely irresistible. For all his cockiness he always looks out for Tate. He gives his best friend and lover room to work out his problems. Logan is the most endearing when he shows his sweet side, which mostly his bartender is on the receiving end of. And he has a ginormous heart. Logan is also so utterly adorable when he shows his insecurities and worries. But all this together makes this complicated man so human and wonderful. And it doesn’t hurt that he is hot AF. In clothes and in bed.

Tate is still the easy-going, considerate and level headed and wonderful man. He calms the storm in Logan and always knows the right things to say when the love of his life needs reassurance. Tate isn’t any less captivating. He stands his ground with the intense Logan. The curly gorgeous man knows how much his lawyer loves to be teased and makes use of this knowledge often. Which more often than not lands them both in bed. And holy moly, when Tate gets authoritative and commanding it’s like my Kindle catches fire. This guy’s heart is just as big as Logan’s.

Together they are like a well oiled machine. They just work. Their sexual attraction is strong as ever and so primal, raw and hot.  They play rough but they play, what comes out of their mouths is positively filthy. It will leave you panting but coming back for more. But they can also be sweet and tender with each other and I have yet to decide which side of Logan and Tate I love more. They are just perfect and I’d totally be the turkey in their sandwich if they asked me.

We get to catch up with Cole and Rachel. I loved to see them again with their kids and how close they have become with Logan and Tate. We also see a familiar name return in this story and a new one and I have strong suspicion that we will see a new series or book about them in the future. Yes, we do get some reminders of events from the first three books but I found those necessary to ultimately move this story forward. The banter is, as always, hilarious.
Ella Frank can throw any book at me and I’ll gladly read it. I can completely immerse myself in her stories and don’t want to come up for air. Now the waiting begins for the next part in Tate’s and Logan’s journey. Until then…

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