Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam

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Warning: this review will be a bit spoiler-y – if you don’t want any spoilers please stop reading here.

The premise of this story, the youngest son of a prestigious Portland family having a pornographic blog, caught my attention. Joshua Cartwright needs an attorney to protect his identity and rights so he calls a law firm and makes an appointment with young Evie Mills. They meet up and they are instantly drawn to one another. After having heard what her new potential client does she needs to pitch it to her bosses and get them on board representing him. He is declined which opens up the opportunity for them to pursue their growing attraction. So what went wrong?

The first 35% I was intrigued. Granted the first bit was a little bit slow but that didn’t bother me all that much since I knew the story would pick up, according to early opinions of blogger friends.
Evie is portrayed as a bit bookish, not caring much about her appearance and wearing frumpy clothes and a bit insecure. Josh is the gorgeous guy with the good heart who is actually looking for a meaningful relationship. I loved how they started to become friends although they escalated pretty soon into something more. I didn’t mind because it wasn’t unnatural. However and here the spoiler bits start:
When Evie learns that her bosses have changed their mind and will represent Josh she is fast to put her career above her budding feelings for Josh. I understand that she was a bit afraid that things with him wouldn’t work out but she didn’t even take time to think about it, she just broke it off with him. And towards the end when all the secrets have blown up in their faces she drops the nugget that she hates her job. What-the-what? All that drama for a job she doesn’t even love?
Moving on. 
They can’t resist the pull for very long and they continue a clandestine relationship. When Evie stays over at Josh’s place and accidentally sees his blog mailbox filled with mails from women who want to do the dirty with him she realizes that she can’t do this – sharing her man with around two million of women. And then she asks…

“You read these [mails] last night. You posted last night. Did you use these videos from these women propositioning you to get yourself off?”
I can’t deny it. I’m mortified, but I mean, who wouldn’t look? “Yes, but it didn’t mean anything,” I repeat.

OK OK. It’s not as if I wasn’t aware that men jerk off watching porn but they have only been together for a couple of weeks and he had said before that porn wouldn’t do it for him any longer…

“When I made that post, I was looking at a video of us, not anyone else. I mean, yes, I watched the other video, but I got off to you for the main event.

Well then. That makes it all better.

And then:

“So if guys sent me videos jerking off and licking their cum, telling me they wanted to fuck me and come on my tits, saying it didn’t matter if I had a boyfriend because they wouldn’t tell anyone, saying they’d meet me any time, any place, and I got off to it— that would be okay?”
Fuck, no.
“Evelyn, that’s not the same.”
Instantaneous rage blasts through me at the thought of guys going after my girlfriend. Of wanting to touch my girlfriend. Goddamn it, it is the same.

And if that wasn’t bad enough – while he is waiting for her at their cafe after things go downhill…mind you, they were in a serious relationship at this point…when women recognized him and approached him:

He clears his throat, and I wait for him to tell them he has a girlfriend— to say he’s involved with someone, to say he’s taken— but he just laughs awkwardly.
“Thanks, ladies. It’s been a fun project.”
Come on, Josh. Decline her come-on.

And he didn’t.

“I’m sorry, baby, I’m an idiot.”

Can’t agree more.
I have read through a lot of reviews about this book but nobody mentions this, which I find interesting. I don’t think I’m on my own having an issue with this.

I wanted to love this story – unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. The characters were likable but the inconsistencies spoiled them for for me. As always, I’ll say that this might be a case of it’s me and not you and you might experience this story completely differently. Make sure you read other reviews too. For me, unfortunately, it wasn’t a winner.

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