PresLocke #3


Brooke Blaine & Ella Frank

✬✬✬ 4.5 SUN, SURF & SEX STARS ✬✬✬

It is always bittersweet when you have to say goodbye to beloved characters and this holds true for Ace and Dylan even more. These characters have grown close to my heart because they were endearing like few others. So without further ado, this is me sending them off into their Happily Ever After.

“I love the way you bite your lip like that,” I said. “And I love the way you light up a room, just by being in it. I love how confident you are, and I love the rare occasion that has you turning adorably shy when you’re out of your element. I love how strong you are and the fearlessness you show when others would cower. You push me to be a better man and to fight for what and who I love.”

Ace and Dylan are in a good place. They are planning their wedding, which sometimes seems a little bit overwhelming to Ace. Leave it to Dylan to get him back into the zen zone. Their life is crazy, especially after Ace’s very public proposal on national tv. They both are riding a professional high and can’t wait to be wed in front of God and everybody. Of course there are one or two clouds in the otherwise amazing blue sky in the person of Dylan’s biological mother.
Dylan is such a sunny character. He really knows how to make everyone around him smile and I’m still in awe how he became like that with his past. He centers and grounds Ace but the same goes the other way around. Ace is as protective as they come and he would do anything to help make sure his Daydream is shielded from his poisonous parent.

“You good?” he asked, and I gave him a broad smile as I nodded. No matter where we were, he was always checking in with me and those around him, always making sure everyone was okay. It was one of the things I loved most about him. 

We get to see beloved characters from this author duo’s other series. Among them there are PITA and Dawson, Nate and Shayne, Finn and Brantley, Derek and Jordan and my personal favorite, Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison. I was again reminded why these two are my all time favorites. Logan again proves to be a great friend and lawyer. Of course there are also Dylan’s adoptive parents who are among the most unconventional and lovely, fictional side characters. 
The whole book is one huge epilogue and a celebration of Ace’s and Dylan’s love for one another. There are touching scenes and funny ones. 

“Not to sound vain, but you’ve only mentioned how much the color of my eyes are your favorite about once a week since I’ve known you. So, again, I’ll ask: what’s my favorite fucking color?”
 “Oh my God—”
“I’m kidding, Jesus. It’s blue, right? Color of the ocean—”
“And your fucking eyes. God, you’re such a guy.” Then I realized what I’d said, and rubbed my face. “Shit, we sound like a couple of chicks right now.” 

And, this wouldn’t be Ella and Brooke if we didn’t get some scorching and hot scenes, too.

As our bodies moved together, the rawness of the moment wasn’t lost on me. I could feel the sweat, the pre-cum, and lube aiding to the animalistic act taking place on the bed, and it just ramped this moment up even more. We’d had the sweet. We’d had the tender. And right here in this moment, it was all primal. I was making him mine in all the ways I possibly could, and Ace was letting me. Fuck, was he ever.

They are sprinkled throughout the story and are pretty much the hottest thing since peanut butter and Nutella.

“Fall apart for me, Daydream.” 

The only reason I couldn’t give a full 5 stars is the bachelor party. I felt that it started to drag a little there – these scenes were about everyone else but our heroes. Yes, I’m greedy but I would have loved more involvement of them.

The sweetest thing is the epilogue. I loved how the authors let us say goodbye to Ace and Dylan. Needless to say that I hope I’ll get to catch up with them in other books by them. This definitely was a worthy conclusion of an epic love story and these two characters are among my most favorite in MM romance.

Teaser courtesy of the authors

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