The Haven Brotherhood #2


Rhenna Morgan


After reading Rough & Tumble I became an instant fan of this author’s writing. Her writing style is easygoing and she combines it with suspense and well fleshed-out characters. This recipe continues in Wild & Sweet.


Gabe is about to feed her vacationing neighbor’s cat (whose name is Astrid! ♡) when she runs into a burglar. Social Anxiety Disorder makes it hard for her to deal with strangers so having her injuries examined by paramedics? Nope, not gonna happen. 
Zeke is with Gabe’s brother when Danny receives a call that his sister got hurt. Being a trauma doctor Zeke knows what to do and they both rush to her. Gabrielle isn’t comfortable with Zeke examining her either but she trusts her brother. Over the course of the next weeks Zeke takes care of the girl’s medical needs.

Little by little he tears down her walls and gives her the courage to face her fears. He slays her dragons and has her back while she dips her toe into the unknown waters of being and talking with people. But can a highly educated doctor love a simple mechanic?

Gabe feels most comfortable under a car, the quiet and calm wile working give her room to let her thoughts wander. She is shy but has this sweetness about her and from the get-go Zeke feels a fierce protective impulse. This heroine has so many hangups it tore my heart apart while reading. Her biggest fear is being abandoned and left behind by those she loves.

“Talk to me, gatinha. What makes it so hard for you to believe I might be around long enough for you to get to know the people I love?”
“Because people leave.” It was a whisper, nothing more, but it clawed him from the inside out, the sheer vulnerability in her eyes gutting him faster than any blade. 

Gabrielle is all kinds of sweet and endearing. She might come off a little bit standoffish in the beginning, however, as soon as I realized how crippling her disorder was I gave her plenty of leeway. It was also her genuine willingness to tackle her anxiety that made me look past the hiccups along the way. Her transformation from socially awkward to being comfortable in a social setting happens gradually with baby steps.

Zeke…so alpha, so HOT, so  smart, so generous. His tenderness and sweetness gutted me. (Calling dibs btw.). I didn’t think that Jace could be topped but wow. Rhenna Morgan gives us a man to die for, to pant after and to swoon over. As soon as he knows that Gabe is relationship material he goes all in and lays it out. There is no uncertainty about what he wants.

“I want to be clear on something. Clear enough that when I get out of this car, I do it knowing you’re under no more illusions.”
“This is a date. A one hundred percent, man asks a woman out, gets to know her, then kisser her stupid when it’s over date. What this isn’t is me being friendly with you in a purely platonic way. 

He helps her to get out of her head and at the same time he reveals the woman behind the tomboy. With his encouragement Gabe also starts owning her femininity.
And wile he gives her strength and empowerment this girl calms Zeke’s constant buzz under his skin and his hair trigger temper. What he usually soothed with high octane sports he now assuages just by being with Gabrielle.

Again we are let into the close camaraderie of the Brotherhood. I loved seeing Jace’s flavor of sweetness projected on Gabrielle.
I am convinced that this author will continue to up the ante with every book. We have the story of a cowboy ahead of us and a hot nerd and best of all a man-ho Scot with a huge heart. I am so looking forward to Axel’s story.

“You are absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. Inside and out.”
She frowned and opened her mouth.
“Beautiful,” he repeated before she could speak. “Giving. Sweet. Smart. You may not see or accept that yet, but I’m going to repeat it until it sinks in and you believe it.” He tugged her closer, guided her lips against his and murmured,”Until you feel it.”

Rhenna Morgan delivers an utterly romantic tale of two polar opposite characters who just work because they are so different. They give each other what they need.

This story offered everything I expected. There were smiles and deep emotions and a little bit of righteous anger. I loved every word. I fell so hard for Zeke and Gabe, they still linger in my mind. Next up is Trevor and I can’t wait to get my hands on him but I’m sure I’ll love him just as much as Jace and Zeke.

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