Chicago Rebels #0.5



Sitting on a balcony in a hotel in his hometown Chicago Ford Callaghan, star right winger of the Cajun Rajuns, overhears a spicy conversation between friends. One of the voices sounds familiar, the other one smokey and sexy.

Addy, a successful and famous plus-size model, is fascinated by their eavesdropper. After calling him out they share an explosive anonymous experience. Addy regrets that she will never see and get to know this man but after her marriage to the controlling owner of a hockey team she cherishes her independence.

This was such a sweet and sexy read! Ford is delicious and dead-set on making Addy his. He  goes after her relentlessly and he doesn’t take a no for an answer. He knows Addy is a strong woman but also senses her vulnerable side. And he knows how to bring the wild kitten out of her. Ford was panty-meltingly sweet and hot.

“I lick this, it’s mine.” Better she be warned. He waited for her acquiescence, needing that final word.

Addy is an independent, intelligent woman who after being a trophy wife wants more out of life. She puts her career first, a man with Ford’s personality doesn’t have room in her life. She puts her foot down when she feels cornered but you also feel that she cares about this beautiful man.

I need my career. I need to be someone other than a wife.

I love that a jock doesn’t always have to be a man-ho who indulges in meaningless one-night stands. He lets his girl know in no uncertain terms that she is the most important thing in his world.

Kate Meader packs a surprising amount of story into these 100 and odd pages. Of course you can’t expect in depth characterization but for this short novella we get a really good picture about who our main characters are. Do I wish it would have been longer? Hell yes, I think there was a lot of potential for a full length novel, especially Ford’s past.
This story is told with a good dose of the dry humor I have come to love about this author. As per usual we also get some of the hottest sex scenes in the romance world.

This novella is a great introduction into Kate Meader’s new Chicago Rebels series and I can’t wait to see what this author has for Harper and Remy in store!

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