Whitney G.

Natalie is a med student and just learned that the place she wanted to do her residency rescinded their offer because somebody made a mistake counting and they took on too many students. A replacement, a private practice, was found for her. Needless to say that she isn’t happy. When she finds out that her new boss is the hot guy she’s been flirting online with for months and has a date with she stands him up.

Garret is grumpy – his new resident is the woman who he was supposed to meet in a fancy restaurant with the outlook of a night full of sex afterwards. And because he is such a Grumpy McGrumpson Natalie talks to him via email only. Time to get out the big “guns”.

Steamy Coffee Reads is Whitney G.’s collection of quick and hot reads. Like Naughty Boss Dirty Doctor was a super entertaining quick novella with lots of steam. It has the author’s signature snark and banter, the characters are a bit reminiscent of Andrew and Aubrey, stubborn, smart and lets not forget HOT. Does it have a real story? Not really but this doesn’t take away from the fun romp you get with this little hot potato. If you are in need of a quick fix and a goofy grin go and pick up Dirty Doctor. You’ll love it.

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