Woodlands #5


Jen Frederick

Don’t catch feelings for Adam Rees.

I am a huge fan of this author’s writing and I would like to start this review by saying that you please take it with a grain of salt. The things that didn’t work for me might totally be your thing.

Adam is mastermind and head of FMK, a rising star in the world of Rock bands. He is pretty much everything you can expect from a rocker, minus the drugs. At a gig in a bar he sees his future, a beautiful redhead who turns out to be his new frontman’s sister. When he sees the bruises and cuts in her face and on her body he can barely tame his anger.

Landry feels the instant connection with Adam as well. She has come to the bar because she didn’t feel safe at home. She is a walking disaster and a catastrophe to happen. Her stalker came to her house and scared her. Unfortunately her brother is soon leaving for a tour, her parents are on a second honeymoon. Neither Adam nor Davis want to leave her behind. To take her out of the danger zone the band takes Landry with them on tour. While Adam loves having her close for the next two months she is his singer’s sister and he and his bandmates have been warned to not touch Landry. How are Adam and Landry supposed to ignore their growing attraction when they are going to be locked up together in a tour bus for the next weeks?

I loved Landry and Adam separately. They were lovely and sweet. Adam is super protective and possessive of the girl he has fallen in love with.

There are men sniffing around her, though. She’s drawing them, like hungry wolves circling a rare piece of meat. I growl into the mic that she’s mine, all mine, that her kissing, her loving, her touching is mine, all mine.

He is also a bit arrogant and follows his gut feeling. Landry is the funny and nerdy heroine you can relate to. There was actually one situation she had experienced in her past that happened to me too and I had a deja vu and I giggled for a couple of minutes at the memory.

When I was fifteen, I went for an entire period with my skirt tucked into the back of my tights until a teacher, not even one of my damned friends, pulled it out for me.

Yup. that right there is me. She is also innocent and naive when it comes to men and her attraction to Adam is a little bit inconvenient since she has been warned that he isn’t the relationship kind of guy. It was so sweet to see Adam pine for her. And right there was the problem – you don’t get much interaction between the hero and the heroine until you reach the 40% mark. While I can totally get on board with insta-love here it didn’t work for me because there was no relationship build-up. There was a lot of band drama and talk about Landry’s stalker but not much one-on-one between the main characters which took away a lot of the plausibility of their growing feelings. All this distracted from the romance aspect.

Landry is still traumatized from her experience with her stalker and and this setup in the storyline had so much potential.

Marrow’s stalking did a number on me, scarring me mentally and making me wary of all penis owners.

The execution was, unfortunately, a little bit lame in the conclusion. I expected more tension and action but that didn’t happen. It was over so fast that I had to blink twice and wonder if that was it.

In the chemistry department these two definitely worked. Once they give in to their mutual feelings and attraction it is explosive. Adam is quite the dirty talker! Whew!

This book can be read as a standalone, in case you were wondering. I am definitely going to read the other stories in this series!

Overall I did enjoy this story, as mentioned I loved the main characters, I just didn’t feel the love between them. Still, Jen Frederick has a fan in me – she knows how to write likable and relatable characters. I am looking forward to her next book and I would love to get a story about Davis!

Love is a crazy little thing, but I get to share it with the best man in the world. I caught feelings for Adam Rees. He caught them back.

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