Cold Fury Hockey #7



3.75 is such an ambivalent rating and I usually only use the .75 ones when I’m really torn about it. I love Sawyer Bennett’s flavor of low angst stories and I enjoyed Roman quite a bit.

Just before her mom passed away more than half a year ago she told Lexi the truth about her father. Equipped with the knowledge that he is Cold Fury’s owner she moves to Raleigh. While nervously waiting on her appointment with him she runs into one of the team’s defenseman, the super handsome badboy Roman Sykora. They click instantly.

Roman has an unfortunate reason to be called to see the management. His antics seem to escalate, the penalty box seems to be his second home and his suspensions do not please Gray, manager of the team, either. He has to shape up and get over himself or facing being released from the Cold Furies. When he meets the sweet Lexi he is instantly enchanted.

Lexi is a pretty straight forward girl. She has spirit and sass, a backbone and a lot of other traits I look for in a heroine. She is comfortable with who she is and happy with the life she is leading. I loved that Lexi and Roman had a sweet and playful connection without too much drama. What made this story so sweet is that there was no doubt about where they were headed as soon as they made the decision to get serious.

Roman is the badboy out of the book. He is unapologetic about it and sometimes even a bit defiant, especially when it comes to Gray who he has a personal beef with. When Lexi comes into his life he gradually changes and I really loved to watch him transform from the player to the devoted boyfriend.

This story doesn’t only have two POV between the hero and heroine, it also shows the emotional world of Lexi’s and Gray’s dad Brian and I think that was the problem here. While I loved Brian and his connection with his newly found daughter it distracted from Roman’s and Lexi’s story and disconnected me from them. I never felt the raging chemistry some of the other characters had – yet it was still a very sweet story and if you crave some low drama and quick read this is perfect. Next up is Max’ little brother Luc!

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