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Published by Ginger Scott on March 3rd 2017
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Coming of Age, Sports & Recreation



Ginger Scott

“There are dozens of things everyone would do differently if they could just go back.
How about instead, you move forward.”

When one of your best bookie friends tells you that she loved everything she read by a certain author you better listen. Hold My Breath was an amazing read and when I saw that a new book by Ginger Scott would be out soon it went without saying that I was going to read it as soon as I got my hands on it.

Nothing prepares you for that one moment. The moment your childhood comes to an abrupt standstill. Yesterday you were a careless child, today you have to carry your drunk dad home from a bar, you have to learn to live without your mom and the boy who saved your life, literally, has disappeared.

But Christopher is still holding me. He won’t let go, even when they tell him to. He fights away people tugging against us— blood dripping over one of his eyes. I don’t want him to let go. I want them to leave. I want him to take me away.

Eight years later a new boy in town is the star pitcher of your high school and your dad, the well functioning alcoholic and coach of the baseball team jumps at every opportunity to show you that you matter less than his job and team. Wes reminds Joss of the boy who saved her life all this time ago but the guy himself denies it. Yet there is something familiar about him. And when he holds her…that feels familiar too.
Wes and Joss share a special connection, despite the fact that this irresistible boy challenges her and is smart enough to look past the hurtful words she spews.

“Yeah, well, I give a shit about things I like. And I like taking pictures, so get the hell out of my way, because I don’t really give a shit about you,” I say.

Joss is on a dangerous and self destructive path. She is stubborn and volatile. The people who are supposed to love her unconditionally left her – her mum just abandoned her family. Her dad fell into a hole as a consequence and hasn’t climbed out since. He drinks himself into oblivion when he isn’t training with his team. And she is the one who has to take care of him when he is out like a light. She has to endure his abuse and his indifference.

“This is my problem, Wes. And I don’t want you here. I don’t… I don’t want you seeing this— any of it. Please.” My voice cracks by the end, and my cheeks are stained with tears. I count as I inhale; closing my eyes and begging silently for Wes to be gone by the time I finally turn around. I need him to be gone. I don’t know that I can ask him to leave again. And if he stays… if he helps— I will need him.

It is because of her past that I understand why Joss has walls up a couple miles high. She sometimes acts childish, yes, let’s not forget she is a 17 year old girl who faced so much adversity in life. She is incredibly strong and tough and for the first time in her life somebody she cares about looks past the facade and sees the girl that is vulnerable.

Wes is SUCH a good guy. He doesn’t swallow everything Joss dishes out, he has a quiet way to put his foot down. And when he does, Joss listens. Wes is her rock in life, a quiet presence if needed and a raging storm she craves.

I cannot keep you safe from you. You have to do that for me. And I’m so afraid you won’t.”

I fell in love with him because of his quiet strength, his loyalty and honesty and his unyielding and relentless love for this troubled girl.

Ginger Scott’s compelling writing style had me glued to the pages. She has created a magical story which is so different from any YA book I’ve read in the past. I admired Joss’ resilience and strength, her unbreakable will. I adored Wes, he is one of the sweetest heroes I’ve read about. The story has some twists you don’t see coming and one in particular is devastating in their consequences. I loved every word in this book and I can’t recommend it enough. I don’t cry often when I read but this one had me sobbing and blubbering. It broke my heart and stitched me back together.
There are so many aspects to this story I didn’t mention, so much depth and I really hope you will take a leap and find out for yourself.

I only found out by accident while reading that this book ends on a cliffy but Ginger Scott has a sweet little message for us:


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