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Elle Kennedy & Sarine Bowen

I take a step closer and touch my lips to hers “You make Blake Riley Smiley.”

Do you remember Blake Riley? Wes’ and Jamie’s loud and annoying neighbor who is also Wes’ teammate? If you have read the HIM series you also know that Blake had a one-night-stand with Jamie’s sister Jess and Blake really won’t say no to repeats. In fact, he tries to get her to agree to another couple of rounds, no matter how vehemently Jess denies that she wants it too. In fact, Blake gets giddy when the girl he has the hots for gets her panties in a twist for him.

Jess remembers the night with Blake well. She still gets all tingly when she thinks about it. Or even only sees the giant hunk. Secretly she thinks he is a beautiful specimen but she can’t get distracted.

Why does such an annoying human have to be so freaking attractive? Bright green eyes look back at me, framed by thick lashes. They’re set into a ruggedly handsome face, which is riding atop a dreamboat body. For a split second, I can’t think of a single reason why I don’t like this man.

Jess feels like a screw-up for changing careers like her underwear but finally she has found the one thing she is convinced that is her calling. She wants to become a nurse and for that she has to go to Toronto. Life has a way of throwing a wrench into the works because temptation personified lives there too!

I can’t give them one more exhibit of my lack of judgment, not when I’m about to announce yet another career change. I’m already the flighty kid. The screw-up. And I absolutely put the screw in screw-up when I let Blake get me out of my clothes.

Let me start with Jess. I loved her in Jamie’s and Wes’ books – she is closest to Jamie and supports him whenever he needs it. It was a little harder to love her at the beginning of her book. She is so determined to not stray from her goal that she sometimes is abrasive. I totally understood her reasoning yet I was holding out on her. Fortunately she came around quickly and I loved how loyal, sweet, honest and protective she was, once she figured things out and let herself have a little bit fun.

Blake…OMG where to start. Is he still loud, brash, obnoxious in this book? Yes, yes and triple-yes. He is also oddly endearing, adorable, sweet and smart behind all the laughter and easygoing exterior. Blake surprised the hell out of me – leave it to this author duo to turn an annoying goofball into a lovable, amazing guy with actual depth. Being serious isn’t in his nature. he rather enjoys every minute of his life but he can be so mature when the situation calls for it. I adored him from beginning to end.

“Hey. J-Babe?”
I keep busy so I don’t have to look at him. But he waits me out.
“Jess?” he says softly.
Giving in, I turn my chin.
“You’re the coolest girl I know.” His eyes light up when he smiles at me.

Ultimately I loved Jess and Blake together. I loved their connection and how Jess grew to love him and his quirks. How he wasn’t offended whenever Jess gave him the cold shoulder, he let it roll off of him and just put even more effort into his courting. Those of you who love Wes and Jamie as much as I do be at ease. We get LOTS of appearances. Yay!

This was everything I expected and yet a surprise from this author duo.  Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy individually are amazing authors and together they create magic. You can read in every word how well they click. There were multiple times I laughed out loud, I’ll add some of my favorite quotes at the end of my review. Now the wait for “Stay” begins.

His expression brightens. “Are we role-playing? I love role-playing.”
Of course he does.
“Maybe another time. I need to brush up on my Elizabethan English first.”
He waves a hand. “Naah, they still use the same words for fucking. Like in Romeo and Juliet, when she’s all, a blowjob by any other name will still make you come.”

Shit. Once upon a time we were briefly friends with benefits. Now we’re just friends at a benefit.

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