Lucian Divine


Renee Carlino

“When you feel pain, Evey, so do I.” 
I thought it must work exactly the same way for me. 
“Please don’t hurt for me,” he said softly.
After another date gone wrong Evey runs into a very handsome guy who is more than drunk. She takes pity on him and takes him home so that he can sleep off his inebriation. When he tells her that he is an angel, in fact, HER guardian angel, Evey realizes the guy isn’t just drunk, there is something really wrong with him. Unfortunately he is also insanely hot and when he tells her things he can’t possibly know she starts believing him. 

“This is fun, Lucian. You have quite the imagination. My life is complete now. I’ve met an angel who sits in bars, binge drinking and playing stupid songs on the jukebox.”
I chuckled.
“I was bored. This is the second-most boring job in the universe, especially since I started following your ass around.”

Lucian has been a guardian angel for more than two thousand years. Never before has he felt a connection to anyone like he does with Evey. When he realizes that he can’t hold in his feelings for her any longer it’s either being reassigned to another charge or breaking every cosmic law there is. Guess what he goes for. But there are laws made by God and crossing them has serious consequences.

I loved Lucian. He was such a wonderful combination of cocky, snarky and sweet and affectionate.

“So am I your only one?”
“You mean pain in the ass? Yeah, you’re the only one. They’ve been giving me a light caseload lately.”

He struggled with the effects of his decision to out himself and was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for Evey. His love had no price tag, he just loved this girl for who she was.

Evey was a strong heroine, she had some snark and was sweet most of the times but also had a bit of a bitch about her which I tried to explain with her being afraid. Yet, that didn’t always work and I had to admit that she sometimes just was a bit hurtful with this amazing man, who put her on a pedestal and gave her pure and unconditional love.

He went up on his knees, leaving my body so he could sit back on his heels. I was waiting, open to him as he stared down at me.
“You are the sexiest thing. I can’t get enough of you,” he said, his voice thoughtful and soft.

I realize that this book might not be for everyone. On one side you have the religious aspect. Admittedly, I’m not a very religious person but I’m a spiritual creature and I do believe, despite (or maybe because of) my science background, that there is a higher power. On the other hand you have those who might think that this book is sacrilegious. All I can say is that if you think you might enjoy this, go into it with an open mind and let it surprise you. This story is about having faith that things will work out in the end. It’s about two souls that are destined to be united.

Safety & Spoiler (highlight to see)

Yes, there is some insta-love on there heroine’s behalf and Lucian is a bit of a manwhore right up before sleeping with Evey for the first time. If that is a problem, this book might not be for you

I looked up from the magazine quickly, realizing I couldn’t take my eyes off of her for more than a second. I didn’t want her to leave. I was having eight thousand feelings all at once.

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