3.5 Hero Complex Stars ✮ LEXI BLAKE ✮ SATISFACTION


Lawless #2



Well played, Ms. Blake, well played.

I loved the first in this series! The mystery, the revenge plot, the whole setup for Bran’s story, I couldn’t wait to hop into this one and immerse myself in the world of the Lawless siblings.

Bran was portrayed as the one with the big and soft heart in the first installment of this series. The one who couldn’t resist a damsel in distress, but also the one with major anger management issues. After the chaos of the first part of their revenge plot in Ruthless Bran doesn’t want another woman hurt by his family. He takes charge and crosses Drew’s plans when he approaches Carly Fisher, while she is waiting for a date she was matched with on an online matchmaking site.

Carly divorced her husband two years ago, when he embezzled a lot of money from her boss and dragged her sister into the mess, forcing Carly to keep working for the horrible woman. When Bran inserts himself into her life she doesn’t know what hit her. How can this gorgeous man even be interested in her?

He was a sucker for a woman who didn’t know how beautiful she was. He wanted to be the man to show her. 

Bran doesn’t mince words, he is very clear that he isn’t looking for a lasting relationship. His demons are always present. He can barely get his anger under control and when he zones out he hardly remembers what happened when his anger takes over. We are kept in the dark about the reason why Brandon is traumatized but we get a clear picture that he is convinced that he doesn’t deserve love. Carly is the person who gives him calm and settles his turmoil.

He was more peaceful when he was around her. She brought it out in him and that menat she never had to know about his dark places.

But, as it is, it’s not always that easy, right?

Carly is a little pale and lackluster in comparison, not only to Bran but also to Ellie, the heroine of the first book. Her insecurities and constant questioning of Bran’s desire for her started to grind a little bit on my nerves at some point. I couldn’t see why he would want this mousy girl who lacked self confidence at every corner. While the sex was hot (thanks to Bran) I just didn’t feel their connection.

I did love the mystery and the plot twist at the end of the book, while I kind of saw it coming, it was still really well done. We are also introduced to Drew’s love interest and I predict some fun moments between the investigative reporter Shelby and our nerdy Lawless brother. While this was not a complete winner it was still an enjoyable read. I love Lexi Blake’s flawless storytelling and can’t wait to read Drew’s story!

“Hush and let me show you how well and thoroughly I can worship you.”

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