Whitney G.’s specialty is writing declicious a$$holes, who you only can fall for once they are brought to their knees.

Mya applies for the job of an Executive Assitant at Leighton Publishing and is being hired. She would love this job if it wasn’t for her arrogant boss who signs his emails with “You’re Welcome” instead of “Thank you”. The way he treats her makes it unbearable to keep working for him but once in a while she sees a flicker in his eyes…

When I was finished talking, he stared at me— giving me a familiar look he gave me from time to time. One I still had yet to figure out. It was a cross between the way he looked in my fantasies when he was burying his head between my thighs, and when he was asking me to stay late after work. A look that said he may not be as horrible of a boss I often made him out to be.

On one of her more unpleasant days with him she vents about him in an email to her best friend. Only, it lands in Michael’s mailbox.

Michael Leighton is a demanding boss. The reason why he makes his assistant’s life hell isn’t the one she thinks it is though. His attraction to her is undesirable but when he realizes that he might lose his assistant he feels the need to act.

It was never personal, and never because she was awful. She was actually the smartest woman I’d ever met, the best executive assistant I’d ever hired, but her unfortunate flaw was being sexy as fuck. Beyond sexy as fuck.

This was a fun romp and a really quick read. It was so satisfying to see Michael brought down. The banter was witty and holy sh*t, Whitney G. knows how to write a steamy scene. This could have been a full length novel with more depth and details but honestly, if you are in the mood for a quick steamy read this is perfect.

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