Dashing Through the Snow
M. Leighton

Dylin hates Christmas. To get away from the holiday cheer she agrees to interview snowboarder and adrenaline junkie Dash Grainger. When she is trapped with this gorgeous man in a chalet because of a snowstorm all bets are off.

Dash doesn’t really want to do the interview but he agreed anyway. When he finds a beautiful reporter in the chalet he is taken by surprise at the feelings she awakes in him. But is known womanizer Dash capable of deep and serious relationships?

With nothing else to do other than talk they really get to know each other in a short frame of time. Dylin is stunned at the depth Dash displays, at the insights she gets from have a glance into his soul. He has profound messages she is open minded enough to analyze and finds that he is not the shallow playboy the press makes him out to be. The more the minutes tick by the less she can resist this gorgeous man.

“Not to be an asshole, but I usually get what I want. I don’t give up until I do, but I think it’s a waste of time to spend the now in search of what you may or may not get tomorrow. I’d much rather find a way to be okay with today.”
I tuck those words away, knowing I’ll take them out later and re-examine all the wisdom they hold.
“That makes sense. I wish I could be more like that.”

This was a short quick read with surprisingly much character development. Dylin is a sweet young woman who had her heart broken, not only by her ex-boyfriend but also by her father. She isn’t flighty but the allure that Dash presents is irresistible and I can see why. He is amazing, warm and considerate. He doesn’t deny himself true love, he knows that once he finds it he will give everything. It was refreshing for a change.

“What if we don’t have a choice?”
“That’s when we go all in. That’s the kind of love I’ll stop skiing for. The kind that’s worth everything. It’s all or nothing for me. And when I find my ‘all’, I’ll give her everything.”

What was also surprising was the level of angst. I didn’t expect it but it made the story all the more compelling. I actually had tears in my eyes at some point.

Was their attraction insta-lust? Sure. Was it realistic. No..but it was fun and sweet and damn, all kinds of hot. I loved this introduction to M. Leighton’s books and I’ll be definitely reading this author’s other works.

Seconds pass with her looking into my eyes, me getting lost in hers, and something happens. Something that makes me want to ski right off a cliff.

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