Cold Fury #6


Sawyer Bennett

Those eyes…*swoon* – perfect cover for Max.
The life Jules is living is not what she imagined in the prime of her life. Her day is filled with work and taking care of 3 kids that are not her own but loves as if they were hers. One of her biggest challenges is to juggle all aspects of her life without dropping a ball. She works two jobs to make ends meet. Cutting time out for herself doesn’t even enter her mind. One day, when her babysitter canceled on her she has to take the kids to work. When she is being bullied by two rednecks she is rescued by a hunk of a man. 
Max’ secret gusto for junk food and candy – secret because he is the goalie for North Carolina’s Cold Fury hockey team –  takes him to a convenience store where he observes a beautiful but weary looking young woman being accosted by two unruly redneck guys. He follows his instincts and intervenes. Looking into the woman’s golden eyes does all kinds of wonderful things to his belly so he decides he has to see her again. 

As I sit in the parking lot of Tony’s, I pull my phone out and dial Jules’ number, my heart pounding hard as I wait for her to answer and slightly terrified she won’t. 

Max is one of those heroes that you won’t forget. He is SUCH a good man. Everything about him is good and kind and genuine. In no uncertain terms he lays it out for Jules that he is in for the long run and takes her the way she comes, with kids, warts and complications. He wants to lift her burden and make life easier for her and he does it without pushing her. Because, you see, Jules has the pride for two and doesn’t want to take handouts. 
Other women and one night stands don’t hold any appeal to him. The more he learns about Jules, the more he knows that he is holding something special with the relationship they are building and he is determined to not let her go. 

“I hope that makes it clear to you, I think you’re pretty much a one in a million type of woman, and babe . . . those are a rarity. It was imperative I snatch you up fast before someone else scooped me.” 

Jules is somebody you have to be in awe of. She is so set on being a good mom to her sister’s children that everything else takes a backseat. Unfortunately including Max. She wants him but she can’t see why HE wants her and the kids. I loved how loyal, steadfast and mature she was. She never sways when it comes to the kids. She could have taken the easy route and let go of the kids but she didn’t. However, when the going gets tough she has the tendency to shut the man she loves out – which started to  annoy me a little bit towards the end. Other than that, I thought she was Max’ perfect match. 

Why are you such a good guy, Max?” “It’s easy for the right girl,” he says back.

Their relationship builds at a faster pace but it’s not rushed. They do take their time to get to know each other and let me tell you as good as Max is as a person, he is a freaking animal in bed. He burned up the sheets with Jules. Their easy way with each other also left me often with a goofy grin on my face.

“What do you want to do?” he asks, and there . . . right there. I hear it. His voice is low and rumbling with need. Still, I don’t want to assume anything.
“Want to make out?” I ask him with a grin.
“Fuck yeah,” he says with an answering grin and then his hands are on my wrists and he’s pulling me on top of him.

Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey guys continue to make me fall in love with them. Every single one. And Max? He is the best out of the lot. If somebody like that exists in the real world I’m calling DIBS. Again we get a low-angst lovely story that makes you root for the couple. Next up is a man-ho, Roman, who is already waiting on my Kindle to fall for his match. 

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