Hit The Spot

Dirty Deeds #2


J. Daniels

Whew! What a roller coaster!

I’m trying to be really vague since I think this has to be experienced. I will however point out what I liked and what didn’t work for me.

When I finished Four Letter Word I was really looking forward to seeing how that love-hate relationship between pro-surfer Jamie and the beautiful, confident waitress Tori would play out.

Jamie McCade. Gorgeous dickhead. Local asshole. Biggest player on the planet.

Jamie has been pursuing Tori for months. He puts up with her being confrontational, often times downright hostile. She is a challenge  he just can’t resist and being the guy who always gets what he wants he plans on wearing her down. Jamie knows, behind all that bluster Tori is just as attracted to him.

Tori is still reeling from the breakup from her ex-boyfriend who “forgot” to mention that he is married. The idea of hooking up with Jamie she doesn’t even remotely consider. That way lies hurt and she knows it. Or does she?

My stomach clenched. And my heart, Lord, my heart was going crazy. Jumping up and down and pointing with frantic fingers, yelling, There he is! Go get him! Go!

It takes a while for Tori to come around but when both of them finally get it together you actually get an idea how deep Jamie’s feelings run. He takes care of Tori in a quiet but often overbearing way. I know this doesn’t make much sense but read the book and you’ll understand! We get a really good look at the sweetness that lies behind Jamie’s cockiness and that is devastating. When he shows his soft side you want to gobble him up. Also, he has the filthiest mouth under the sun. HOLY MOLY was he hot.

“Nine months was nothin’, babe. I would’ve waited years for you.”

Tori isn’t easy to love, at least not from Jamie’s point of view. As a reader you learn why she is the way she is with him so I loved her most of the time. At some point I have had enough of her lying to Jamie about her feelings although I kind of got that it was their “game” – still, I could have done with a little less game and a little more truth about how she felt about him.

“I told you, I just wanted to get a snack.”
“Bullshit,” he shot back, voice growing louder. “Somethin’s got you tense and I wanna know what it is.”
“I’m not tense,” I argued.
“You’re tense, babe.”
“No.” I tipped forward a little. “I’m not. I was just hungry.”
“I’m not tense!”

Two things I need to mention because those were what made me deduct a star. Jamie’s “alphaness” is really too much at times. I love a guy who is in charge like the next girl but the I imagined him a lot more easy-going from the way he was like in Four Letter Word.
Which brings me to the next point – right in the beginning something happens that makes him really mad at Tori and he throws around derogatory (some might even qualify it as abusive) language and never apologizes for it. If a guy, no matter how gorgeous, called me what he called Tori and didn’t apologize…the fact that he didn’t really nagged at me for the first half of the book. Eventually, I let it go – still, that was for me unresolved.

As I mentioned previously in my mini-review about Four Letter Word J. Daniels has that Kristen Ashley-esque vibe about her writing but she owns that style without duplicating KA which I appreciate. I think it all has to do with these alpha dudes and the multi-layered heroines. I loved watching Tori and Jamie fall in love, feeling how special it was what they had. I can’t wait to see who the next book will be about. I’d love to see a story about Nate and Stitch and Shay! Until then, I’ll be waiting impatiently to get my hands on the next one in this series.

“Don’t give a fuck what I’d end up losing as long as that ain’t you.”

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