Gridiron #3


Jen Frederick

Confession: I haven’t read the previous books in this series. Yet. I have been reading out of order a lot lately and I don’t regret it. I might even have a little advantage now, knowing how awesome Ace will be.

He likes to take control— on and off the field. He plays hard, loves hard. I should’ve been prepared for him, but I wasn’t.

When Bryant Johnson steamrolls his life, JR “Ace” Anderson doesn’t know what hit him. This girl with the sunshine smile tells him she is his girlfriend. Only, Ace doesn’t do girlfriends. His reputation being a major asshole doesn’t seem to faze Bryant. And after something he thought to be a one-night-stand he can’t say no to her for some reason. Her sanguine disposition makes it impossible to let his own rude and prickly self surface.

Her feminine scent wafts into my nostrils and I inhale deeply, wondering why in the hell I’m so drawn to this woman. She’s not my type. She’s soft and compassionate and far too patient.

Bryant is on a mission and she doesn’t take prisoners. She wants to reform the biggest douchebags into boyfriend material. She is convinced most men are redeemable so her new project has to be, without a doubt, the angry new quarterback of her daddy’s football team, who was kicked out of his old team because he slept with the trainer’s daughter. Woops. Trying not to quote Britney Spears here…

Ace is a decent man. I know he is. He just needs a little more confidence in himself so he doesn’t have to find it in women.

Bryant is a beautiful heroine with some quirks that will endear her to you fast. She is a typical Southern girl with impeccable manners and her way of taming the big bad boy is crazy but crazy good. She charms her unknowing victim into obedience. She wraps Ace around her finger and this usually short tempered guy turns into a lamb when he is with her.

Except when I open my mouth to tell her she’s right and that I don’t need her, I find myself saying something else entirely. “I only gave you the one orgasm. There’s more where that came from.”

Outside of the bedroom anyway. When these two get it on there is lots of steam and dirty talk and that makes for some good laughs too because Bryant being the well mannered girl “makes love” and doesn’t “f*ck.” You can take a wild guess how many times Ace slips.

Bryant isn’t the bubbly girl she shows the world though. There is a part of her that is deeply sad that makes her keep men at a distance. With her help Ace gets over his issues and in return he heals her. When you leave this two you will see a gorgeous couple. Ace will still have his rough edges but he will also have unearthed his beautiful character traits. And he will have found camaraderie where he didn’t expect it.

“Making you happy appears to make me happy.”

I also want to mention that the side cast was fabulous and I am looking forward to reading more about Ty in particular. He is full of mischief but also depth which I would like to see explored. The

I am really looking forward to reading the books before Ace’s story. I think it’ll make it a bit easier to deal with his douchebaggery I’ve only heard about so far. I am also in love with the way this author writes. There is an ease to the flow of her prose that resonates with me. Overall this was a total winner with me.

“Ace, we’re in public.”
I tip my head back against the tall wrought iron fence. “I know.”
“You need to relax,” she scolds.
“I can’t. All the blood in my body is currently under your ass at this point. It’s a fucking miracle I can even form a sentence.”

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