4 Boss Man Stars

Wound Tight

Made in Jersey #4


Tessa Bailey

One of the hottest things is two dominant males finding a way to make room for the other one without subduing their alpha tendencies. In this story this is what we get. I have not read the other Made in Jersey books (which I’ll definitely remedy soon) but I never felt lost in the story. 

CEO Renner Bastion knows his responsibility to the people he employs in Hook. Unfortunately some of the more conservative enterprises refuse to work with a gay business man. Nevertheless his main goal is to give his staff a thriving place to go to work to. He doesn’t need to be loved by them. Not even by the gorgeous security guard who makes sure that Renner is safe.

He enjoyed taking care of people. For some reason, that quality was amplified around Renner. By about seven million notches. Probably because the jerk needed taking care of more than anyone. 

Milo Bautista doesn’t care if his boss agrees, he does what he is good at, taking care of people. Flipping each other off and exchanging snarky returns are their way of communicating. When Milo learns about Renner’s health troubles he comes up with a deal. He wants to teach Renner how to relax if his boss in return shows him how to impress a certain man…and totally drops a bombshell on boss man. 

Milo is an incredibly endearing hero. Open, easygoing, guileless, in a masculine way really sweet and comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t play around, he wears his heart on his sleeve and gets a kick out of irritating his boss good-naturedly. He admires Renner but he knows he can’t make it too obvious, his boss’s ego is big enough as it is – but the admiration goes both ways.

Pride. It jammed in Renner’s throat like a hockey puck. This man was growing more incredible by the moment in his utter refusal to be…in…now that he was out. He wanted to experience everything in the open and didn’t care who knew. 

Renner has a brick wall around his heart. He doesn’t really have time and patience for relationships so hookups are all he cares for. That he had his heart broken when he was young only fortifies his decision to not let anyone get too close. He covers his insecurities with snark that often drifts into insults. Milo totally has got his number though, so when he starts tearing down Renner’s walls you get to see the real boss man: caring, possessive, aggressively sexual and sexually aggressive, and vulnerable.

He kept them under the guise of dancing by staying in syn with the fast pounding music, but anyone with a brain knew they were two zippers away from fucking in public.

Their chemistry is off the charts hot and their interactions highly entertaining on all accounts. I loved Renner’s deadpan comebacks, loved that Milo owned his attraction to men. But above all…Renner’s filthy mouth was a revelation. Holy…that guy can dirty-talk. Their relationship developed steadily once Milo was out of the closet and gained depth quickly. While Renner displayed an overbearing dominance Milo’s was easier and not as obvious but just as strong.

I adored these two and enjoyed Renner’s and Milo’s story immensely. I hope that Tessa Bailey will keep writing MM – the combination of two alpha guys and their dirty talks is a heady one.

“I, uh…” Milo started. “Maybe we should address the elephant…trunk…in the room.”

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