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The hardest reviews to write are the spoiler-free ones. And trust, this time it pains me even more so because, ARGH! I so want to talk about this book! I need a support group. I want to chat in detail about all the things that happen, about Lucas and Shy. Head meet desk….
Six years ago Shyann Jennings couldn’t leave the town she grew up in fast enough. Everything reminded her of her mother who died of ALS. Six years ago she left her dad, not realizing that he needed her after losing the love of his life. Now she is back in the place she swore never to come back to. After being kicked out of her job as a broadcast news reporter for losing it in front of the camera she doesn’t have much choice than to swallow her pride and regroup at home.
Lucas needs his anonymity. His blackouts don’t allow close relationships. The closest things to friends are the foreman he works for, Nash Jennings, and his son Cody. When the lost daughter returns he knows he has to keep away from her. His brain however won’t shut up. She is all he can think about….but this darkness inside him is dangerous and the last thing he wants is to hurt her.

“If at any time what we have causes you too much stress, you walk away. Okay?”
A humorless laugh bursts from my lips.
“That’s the problem, Shy. Don’t you get it?”
I dare a touch, reach forward and run a strands of her silky black hair between my fingers.
“I can’t. I’ve tried, and…” I lick my lips and force the words from my mouth no matter how pathetic they make me sound. “You’re impossible to walk away from.”

Shyann seems tough and sassy but deep down she has a heart of gold. It must be hard to fall in love with somebody who has these kind of mental issues – to me it was amazing how sweet and accepting she was. She wants to help Lucas find peace and when push comes to shove Shyann defends Lucas like a lioness. There is a courage in this woman that borders on recklessness but if she wants to beat Lucas’ darkness she has to go above and beyond.

Lucas’s soul is stainless. He is a beautiful man, inside and out and the darkness inside him is the thing that makes him seek out solitude – relationships mean jeopardizing his secret and he can’t have it exposed. Trust doesn’t come easy to him but to watch him fall in love with Shyann is a thing of beauty. He is selfless, sweet and protective. And if I say he is also volatile and ruthless you’ll have to believe me, even if it doesn’t make much sense right now. Having said that, I am irrevocably in love with the whole package that is Lucas.

“You own me, Shy. Take what’s yours. Everything good in me, it’s all for you.”
“If that’s true…” Her forehead drops to mine on a long moan. “Let me have the bad too. I want it all.”
I’m panting, holding back the orgasm that’s about to blow through my body, but I grin. “Greedy.”
“For you? Always.”

The sexual chemistry between the main characters was off the charts. It was sweet, tender but also rough and hot.

I can imagine that this is a book that you will either hate or love. Either way, it will make you think and want to discuss the story, the decisions these people make. If you love it, you’ll swoon and your heart will be broken. I loved every disturbing minute of it and my heart broke for Lucas and Shy a thousand times over. The main characters were brilliant and even though Shyann and Lucas both had a lot of doubts you could understand why they acted the way they did.

I’ve promised him honesty and then tucked tail when I should’ve just talked openly about what I’ve learned. 

JB Salsbury has written a story that I can imagine was tough to plot.  I am in awe how well she did it. It’s a unique story that definitely requires some out-of-the-box-thinking. Can’t wait to read more of this author’s works.

What we have isn’t conventional, it wouldn’t be considered ideal, but it’s perfect for us. Because love never discriminates. Even when you’re split. 

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