Filthy Rich

Blackstone Dynasty #1


Raine Miller

Brooke and Caleb bond over meatballs and Caleb rushing to her defense when she is being hit on by a slimy rich guy. Caleb has seen her before and is enchanted from the first second he lays eyes on her. He has broken up with his girlfriend recently and up until now he has never considered a serious relationship. Until he looks into a pair of sad eyes.

Brooke isn’t on the market for something more than a hook up with a gorgeous guy but the more she gets to know Caleb, the more intrigued she is. She is honest and tells Caleb right away her sad story thinking it will scare him away…but she didn’t expect Caleb’s resilience and his desire to extinguish the sadness in her. 

The story had a lovely premise and I was looking forward to reading the journey of those two. Everything was pretty insta with them. Insta-lust, insta-love, insta-forget-about-the-past. I have known authors who pulled off insta. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case here. While I loved the first bit of this book the more I advanced, the cheesier it got. The I-love-yous started early on and Brooke’s willingness to revise her decision to not have a relationship was too fast. Even the wrench thrown into the game by a vengeful ex and some paparazzi didn’t make for an exciting twist. 

On the plus side was the insane chemistry these two had. The smexy times were incredibly hot and so much better than the dialogues which didn’t feel natural to me. Another plus were likable characters. Overall though it wasn’t enough to wow me. I keep hearing that I should  read Raine Miller’s first series, especially Naked and I definitely will. I will also continue reading this series hoping that this one was a fluke.

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