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Heads up! This ends in a cliffhanger – the conclusion of Charlotte’s and Matt’s story will arrive in January 2017.

Matthew Hamilton is America’s prince. His father was the President of the United States and immensely popular. So popular that when he was shot and died the whole country fell into a ditch and hasn’t properly recovered since. Matt wants to change that. He is running as an independent contender for presidency. He wants to restore the US of A to the great country it used to be. He is a bachelor and doesn’t intend to change that, having seen what the years of his father in the office have done to his mother. His father missed birthdays, was hardly at home, his duty sworn to the American people. Matt doesn’t want to do that to somebody he loves.

Charlotte met Matt when she was eleven years old. She crushed on this charming young man and has never really forgotten him. More than a decade later he meets him again after he announced his candidacy and both feel a powerful pull towards each other. Matt wants Charlotte on his campaign team. She agrees because she wants to be part of the change that her youth crush promises. The longer she works for him the more she realizes that she is in over her head and that the affair they started is dangerous to Matt’s goals.

I’m nerve-wracked, and I blame the twinkle in his eyes and that handsome love-me, take-me-home, mother-me-or-fuck-me-face. 

Phew. Holy Hotness. These two were burning up my Kindle. But first things first.

Charlotte is an idealistic young woman with a good head on her shoulders and more common sense I thought she would have. She is smart to realize that the secret game she and Matt are playing is can blow up in their faces anytime. She is also smart enough to know that she can’t sway his decision to do this on his own without a woman at his side if he wins. Charlotte isn’t a doormat though, she stands up for herself and is unapologetic about it. She is also a little bit shy and sweet and I liked her a lot.

“Don’t give these lips to just anyone. They’re too pretty. And too rare. And they’re mine.”

Matt – there is an obvious familiarity to his background story. We all know the late John F. Kennedy jr. and the potential he represented. We all remember the charismatic, good looking guy who broke thousands of hearts when he married Carolyn Bessette. Matt is pretty much the spitting image of John John in this novel. He is larger than life, has the sexy self confidence we love in men. He is tender, sweet but also fascinating and magnificent. Despite him knowing and holding steadfast that he can’t have a relationship his feelings for Charlotte are pretty clear from the start.

“You make me want to be the best version of myself I can ever be.”

You know that they both will have a rough time parting when the times comes. Yet, he can’t seem to stay away and keep his hands off of her. I couldn’t help myself but root for them although I found it selfish of Matt that he didn’t want to let her go. Then again, with a man like him I wouldn’t want him to let me go!

“Fuck, Charlotte – just let me have you! Let me have this!” His eyes pin me to my seat, his raw, unrestrained frustration bright. 

A note about the writing – while it was mostly fluent the unexpected time jumps in the beginning confused me and they were slightly disorienting.

I am really looking forward to the conclusion of this story and can’t wait for Matt and Charlotte to get their happily ever after.

I’m running for the most powerful office in the land. Ironic that I can’t promise something as simple as my love to her. 

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