2.5 Stars

To Love and to Cherish

The Wedding Belles #3


Lauren Layne

I am a fan of this authors writing style, her humor and many of her books have made me thoroughly happy so please take my review with a grain of salt. I saw some really good ones for this book so I might be a minority. 

Everybody who has read the other books in this series knows that this is the story of the couple we have been waiting for since the beginning. Why these two held such an appeal? Let me explain:

Logan has been pining for Alexis for eight years without making a move. He has loved her that long but she doesn’t see him. All she has on her mind is her business. He is the Wedding Belles’ accountant and silent business partner. When his father calls him from his homeland in the UK and asks him to come home to take over the family business he has to make a decision. Logan is done waiting and it’s time to make his move and force Alexis to see that he is more than her friend and business partner. 

Alexis’ brain child and business, The Wedding Belles, has always been her dream. She is first and foremost a business woman. That she sometimes also yearns for a family and a man in her life can be reasoned away. Also, opening up to somebody means opening yourself up to hurt and that’s the last thing she wants. So why does Logan’s kiss rattle her so much?

I loved Logan. LOVED. He is the kind, quiet type who, once unleashed, can become really bossy and sexy. He is a great listener and a fantastic friend with a hilarious sense of humor to boot. The only thing I can hold against him is that he is so freaking passive. He doesn’t coax Alexis out of her shell, he just gives her room when she withdraws into herself, always backs off. 

Alexis. I really really really wanted to love her. I did in the previous books, she was a good, albeit aloof friend and I was so looking forward to see the rattled Alexis, free of the cool veneer she displayed. Instead I got to see a bitch. She really irritated the hell out of me and while I do get that she can’t change within a couple of pages I didn’t see any growth at all. Even in the last 10% she blamed Logan for “ruining a perfectly fine friendship”. At that point I got so mad that I didn’t want them to be together any longer. I understood that she was hurt from her past but that doesn’t justify her behavior and the way she treated a person she called friend, which was sometimes despicable. 

I wanted to see the sweet Alexis, the one worthy to fall for. At no point I understood what Logan saw in her that he was pining for her for eight long years. 

The highlights which upped my rating were Logan and the friendship dynamics, especially the one he had with Josh from For Better Or Worse. Josh was hilarious and a caring friend to Logan. 

When all is said and done this book didn’t live up to the expectations I had, especially after Heather’s and Josh’s story in For Better Or Worse, which was a 5 Star read for me. I will still read everything Lauren Layne throws at me because when she gets it right it’s amazing. This time around, though, I was left wanting. 

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  • Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy this one as much as you hoped. I'm a fan of Lauren Layne's books but I haven't picked up this series yet. I've heard mixed reviews but I will probably still give it a try. Hope your next read is better!

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