Shadow Falling

The Scorpius Syndrome #2


Rebecca Zanetti

While reading this series I have been asking myself repeatedly what I would do if I was a survivor of an infection that killed most poeople in your country. Living in a world in which you have to fight every single day for your survival can bring out the worst but also the best in people. I hope that I would still be a good person but who knows…

This installment starts where we left off. After her rescue by the Vanguards from the president’s insane torture Vinnie thinks she is crazy. Hearing voices is only one of her problems. Vinnie was a profiler with the FBI’s BAU. Jax Mercury, leader of the Vanguards, sees the potential benefit his vigilante group can gain from having a psychologically trained specialist. She is asked to use her professional skillset to profile and shrink the emotionally shaken community and Vinnie is happy to oblige, her desire is to belong.

Raze Shadow is a soldier, through and through. His ulterior motives for joining the Vanguards are his secrets and he will keep them as long as he can. When this blonde and beautiful and slightly crazy firecracker sweeps into his life his plans take a major hit. Vinnie is a huge part of them but falling for her is not. Yet, with every day his need to protect her grows. The camaraderie he feels with this fellow soldiers adds to the remorse he feels because he will betray everything and everyone he starts to care about.

Vinnie is an endearing heroine with a strong will and a sweet that reels you in from the start. Since her captivity she has lost the filter for her mouth and blurts out the funniest things. Having said that, I’m still not entirely clear if it makes sense for somebody as educated as this heroine to sometimes say partially inane things. She showed strength for the most part but in some situations she seemed a little to eager to forget about the brutish things Raze does to her. One moment she was super-pissed, the next it was pretty much off the table. Still, her quirkiness and dorkiness make Vinnie a lovable heroine.

Raze is a badass. His protective and possessive streak when it comes to his woman sometimes border on brutish and chauvinistic. Although he knows he will betray his friends he tries to do everything to help them until he can’t any longer. I loved this about him. What I didn’t get is why he held on for so long to his secrets. Jax is a fellow soldier and being open about his mission would have gone a long way to gain his friends’ trust and support. I know that it needed to go that way to build up the tension between the chacracters but I think it just went on too long. Having said that, once things were out in the open Jax and his people really came through.

The story developed a little slower than I would have liked in the first half, when it picked up it was all drama and action and suspense. There were some eyeroll moments about some situations I didn’t quite get, like, why would nobody notice a fence being erected by an outsider group within Vanguards when the area is being patrolled around the clock? They also made off with essential supplies and nobody sees it?

All together this was still an extremely enjoyable, action-packed and thrilling read. The badassry of the Vanguard soldiers, although sometimes a bit OTT, is hot and makes for some hilarious moments. The chemistry between our two main characters is scorching and the story certainly doesn’t lack in the sex department. Yummay is all I say. The relationship development might have been a liiiiittle bit too insta. Then again, who knows what our hormones would do if our survival was highly questionable. 

We get to meet all the side characters from book 1 and are also introduced to some new ones who we will find again in their own story, I’m sure. Next up is Tace’s and Sami’s story and I can’t wait to see what Rebecca Zanetti has for those two in store!

Note: I’m sorry I’m not posting any quotes or teaser pics, I’m on vacation so time is a little bit limited 😉

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