Perfect Chaos
Unyielding #1

Nashoda Rose

Holy…what did I just read?
I have been asking myself over the last couple of days why I haven’t read this series sooner. No idea, something always came in between. I tell you what though. This author? WICKED talent. Nashoda Rose’s Perfect Chaos reminds me a bit of the time when Kristen Ashley was still new to me, only with a lot more suspense.

This story packs a one-two punch right at the beginning. Georgie is 16 when she receives a message nobody wants to get. Her brother, who is an army soldier, died on a deployment abroad. The person delivering the message is her brother’s best friend Deck. Georgie’s demons were born the day she learned about her brother’s death.

Deck has to go back to his team and the next two years he is pretty much out of the picture. He keeps tabs on Georgie though and isn’t happy with reports about her reckless behaviour. Booze, partying hard and the occasional hook up seem to be her choice of drugs to kill the emotional pain. Deck and his men have their hands full to keep Georgie out of the worst trouble. But something doesn’t sit right with him, his gut tells him that things aren’t what they seem. He is done watching the girl he promised to protect destroying herself, and he is done with the lies she keeps telling him.

But there was a small part of me that wanted him to see me. Instead, he believed in the lie I’d become. How could he think I was that drunk girl who wasted her life away?

These two are perfection. Deck is a super-alpha, bossy, demanding, controlling, obsessively possessive and sex-on-legs. He is unrelenting when it comes to protect what he considers his and even though Georgie is a wildcard to him at the best of times she belongs to him. Georgie is off limits to him and he is unrelenting in this regard as well. Until he isn’t any longer. When he makes up his mind to act on his feelings he doesn’t f*ck around. And from here on we get to see the gentle and sweet Deck. His flavor of sweet still isn’t soft though, he is a badass even in his love for Georgie. I loved this side of him. I also loved how Deck and Georgie just knew that they were IT for each other. No doubt, not a second.

Then he kissed me and I was lost to the most soul-touching kiss a woman could ever have. It was filled with years of need and want and never being able to take. It was him and me finding our peace together. It was our demons being joined and burned to ash. 

Georgie is a hot mess. Or so she wants us to think. She holds on to her secrets, protecting what’s hers with her life and yes, she considers Deck hers and has done so since she met him. Her sass with Deck is hilarious although the feeling that her wild side is a facade arises very soon. She also has a sweet and vulnerable side to her which she covers up with snark. Georgie shows strength and intelligence throughout the story, the depth and danger of her secrets are surprising.

The plot twists in this story gave me whiplash. There is a lot of betrayal, darkness, secrets, lies and heartbreak. I had one small niggle I don’t want to divulge since that would be a major spoiler. It is, however, the reason it’s only almost a 5 star read. The steam was hot as hell and Georgie and Deck are like bunnies on speed. There is no holding back once they get their hands on each other.

“Going to fuck you now” I smiled. “Okay.” “Wasn’t asking”

A couple of words about the secondary characters? Kai. Oh.My.God. He is a mystery I can’t wait to uncover. Delicious, cocky, charming. Tristan is another one of those enigmas that leave you wanting more. Deck’s guys? Hilarious and crazy. Despite the side characters not being the focus of the story you get a very good idea about their respective traits, they are pretty well fleshed out for not having the spotlight.

This story draws you in and drags you through every emotion on the spectrum. Grief, love, fun, heartbreak, anger, insecurity…you name it, it’s there. I LOVED every word in this story.

I wouldn’t yield to anyone.
But I did.
I yielded to Georgie.
I’d let her seep into my veins and take hold, and no matter how many men I killed or women I fucked. I couldn’t get her out of me. 

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