The Polaris Series Box Set by ME Montgomery is LIVE!!

The Polaris Series Box Set by ME Montgomery is LIVE!!

Praise for North Star:

“This debut novel totally blew me away. I couldn’t put it down once I started it and just had to read it until it was finished.” – Readers Heaven

“I felt like I knew both of these characters. They were relatable with their daily struggles and their fears. This book was well worth the time to read and I can’t wait to read the next in the series. M.E. knew howto engage the reader and keep their attention without adding extra filler. Highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a love story.” – Lindsey, Mommy’s Naughty Playground

Praise for True North:

I would obviously 100% recommend this series to everyone. The writing is impeccable and draws you in from the beginning until the end. The characters are, GAH I love them all!! There was the perfect mixture of suspense, drama, angst, love, everything for perfecto chemistry!!! Kelly, Sugar Shack Book Blog

When an author can cause the reader to completely lose all sense of reality and to live each step of the way with the characters, they have done their job and done it well! This is powerful writing that was not rushed, this is intriguing romance at its best. – Tome Tender Book Blog


North Star 

Hurt and betrayed after being told she isn’t enough, Mikayla Matthews is convinced that no man will ever truly want her. After packing up her shattered heart and relocating to start over, she literally falls for a man who wants to fight for her wary heart. 

Strong and extremely protective of those he loves, Alex North finds himself on unfamiliar territory when he becomes the guardian of his five-year-old nephew. When a beautiful stranger lands in his lap, Alex feels an immediate connection, only to have her walk away. 

Brought together by fate on several occasions, Alex senses Mikayla is the key to heal not only his nephew, but himself. Mikayla discovers she has the strength to give love a second chance as well as the courage to fight for it. But outside forces threaten to destroy their happiness, and Alex and Mikayla must dig deep within themselves to keep the past and present from destroying their relationship and the little boy they both love. 

True North

While Alex and Kayla have moved beyond the tragedies that previously held them back, the past doesn’t always agree to be left behind. Everything they thought they knew to be true is suddenly turned up on end. Collisions between the past and the present challenge their happiness, and more obstacles lurk in the shadows that threaten their happiness. 

Alex and Kayla are determined not to let these twists and turns destroy their new family. What happens when lies and deception entangle with their plans and they are confronted with disaster? Will love be enough to chart the course to their future?

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