5 “Need For Speed” Stars

5 “Need For Speed” Stars

Fly With Me
Wild Aces #1
Chanel Cleeton

I was 16 when I saw Top Gun for the first time. The speed, the elegance of those powerhorses in the sky, the uniforms and hot guys, it all drew me in, fascinated me. There is something about military men that is irresistable, too.  
Here is a bit of personal information: today I work in civil aviation because I love flying (as a passenger) as much as traveling. It’s not comparable to the acrobatic art of flying a fighter aircraft but there is nothing cooler than sitting in a cockpit, feeling this monster of a machine taking off and understanding the physics behind it. Needless to say that I wanted to read this series badly. 
Jordan is a boutique owner. She loves her professional independence and adores her job. Jordan accompanies her sister to Las Vegas to celebrate Meg’s bachelorette party when the fighter pilots from the Wild Aces enter the party scene.
Noah clocks Jordan the minute he sets foot into the bar and damn, this woman is a bombshell he can’t pass up. They don’t talk a lot but share an erotic dance that leaves both of them breathless. What starts with the prospect of a one-night stand develops into more with each minute these two spend together but the fun time in Vegas comes to an end and they both face the decision of how to go from here. Neither of them wants to walk away from their instant connection and they live in different states so long distance relationship it is. Throughout their journey they are on the same page as far as their feelings are concerned. But Noah has already a wife: the US Air Force. Is Jordan really ready to be a military girlfriend with all this entails, always coming second?

‘Love was scary enough. Loving a military man was something else entirely.’

Jordan and Noah both are incredibly endearing characters and my love for them knows no bounds. Our heroine has sass and isn’t shy about herself or her appearance. She is smart, sexy, adorable and cheeky and follows her intuition which more often than not leads her on the right path. 
Noah. THAT MAN! Oh he is everything. A heady combination of fighter pilot, super alpha, self confidence and intensity. He wants to do right by Jordan and his honesty regarding his feelings is so exhilarating – I fell in love with him right away.
There is no unnecessary drama to find in this story, everything that these two go through is relatable and has to happen to advance their relationship and move it forward. Jordan has a couple of freakouts in the face of how fast their relationship develops and who can blame her? She doesn’t run away though, she gives good thought to it and makes her decision combining gut feeling and reason. Noah is right there with her but he grounds her when she is overwhelmed with her emotions. There was a funny scene with Noah sporting a mustache when his girl comes to visit and Jordan freaks out about it. Yes, it may appear shallow at first look but it still defines their relationship: Pick your battles and don’t get hung up on unimportant drama.

Insta-whatever is usually not my cuppa. I love the slow build of a relationship and all the nuances of the feelings that arise when you meet somebody who you are attracted to. This here is insta-everything. These two meet, fall in lust and in love shortly after. Yet, this story ticked all of my boxes. I LOVED the hero. I ADORED the heroine and the story was captivating from the first page to the last. There is a little bit of heartbreak and lots of deep heartwarming emotions and as a huge bonus it has fighter pilots and their F16s in it. We are also treated to detailed knowledge and a deep insight into the lives of air force pilots. The secondary characters were just as excellent and I can’t wait to read their stories. There is nothing that keeps me from wholeheartedly recommending this book. 

“What can you promise me?” I asked, needing to hear the words, knowing he’d give them to me. He took a breath as though it pained him.

“That I love you. That I’ll always love you. That I will do everything in my power to stay safe, to come home to you. That I will die loving you, whenever that is. That I will do anything I can to make this lifestyle work for us. That if it comes down to a choice I can make, I will always choose you over my career. I’ll give you a family if you want it. I’ll spend my life loving you, working to make you happy.”

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