4 Soul Mate Stars

4 Soul Mate Stars

Wicked Ride
Wicked Horse #4
Sawyer Bennett

This series is a little hot potatoe. It has all the elements I expect from my books. Likeable and relateable  characters, a story line that holds my interest and some scorching smexy times with a hero who has a filthy mouth. Who would have thought that a series about a kinky sex club and the people who work there would draw me in. 
This time we meet Logan. Like Rand and Cain he is a Fantasy Maker at The Silo, a job he doesn’t work for the money but to numb his feelings and to quiet his demons with sex. He doesn’t discriminate and nothing is too kinky for him. One day his gaze falls on a vibrant young woman, Auralie, who is new to The Silo and paraded around by a sleazy guy. They lock eyes and have a whole conversation without speaking a single word.

Auralie feels an instant connection when she first lays eyes on Logan. He communicates his desire with a single look, the same desire she feels for him. She knows that she can never have this beautiful man. Magnus, the creep she owes her obedience to, would never allow it. He is determined to auction off her virginity for big bucks. Auralie’s situation is desperate but Logan strikes a deal with Magnus – he gets to enjoy Auralie for a night at The Silo in exchange for information. To make the highest profit the guy wants information about the men frequenting the sex club and their financial capabilities. However, how can Logan save Auralie from the loveless act of having her virginity taken by a complete stranger?

When we meet Logan in the first installments of the Wicked Horse series he is this easygoing guy with a smile on his lips. We get to know him a little bit better in Rand’s & Cat’s story (who can forget that legendary threesome). As intended it is in his story that he starts to shine. Logan has a darkness inside him that we get to uncover as we dig deeper into his past. He doesn’t share his pain, he strongly believes that he doesn’t deserve love so why open yourself up to a world of hurt? He can’t resist Aurelie’s pull and wants to help her to escape the mysery she is in, even if he has to force her hand.

Auralie is a sweet character with a lot of spunk and spirit, despite her demure appearance. I loved how she didn’t fall at Logan’s feet. Despite their unbreakable tether, she stood up for herself.

We get to see how the connection our two main characters share deepens, yet Logan doesn’t let her in, still their silent communcation is all kinds of lovely. As a fantasy maker Logan knows how to play a woman’s body to make it sing and damn, those two burn up the sheets. His filthy mouth will have your panties soaking.

Right at the beginning I started to have all these theories how the story will pan out. We see flashbacks of Logan’s past and since the story is told in dual POV we get a good look into our main character’s mind. I loved the depth of this story, the way Logan dealt with the problems he created and showed his vulnerability when he knew it was all or nothing and if he wanted happiness he would have to let his guard down. It was wonderful to watch him allow himself to be loved.

The story cuts into the timeline of Cat’s and Rand’s book, so we see a bit of their struggle from Logan’s point of view. We also get to see the enigmatic Bridger again. As always his wisdom and kindness is covered up by a mask of indifference. He really is something else and I am so excited that his story will be next.

Again, Sawyer Bennett was the fix I needed after a major book hangover. Big love for Logan and Auralie.

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