Last Kiss
First and Last #2
Laurelin Paige

If you haven’t read First Touch I urge you to stop here because, even though I will try to keep this review spoiler-free I will refer to events that happened in the first book.

Where to begin…

After finishing First Touch I was left with anxiety for Reeve and Emily, knowing that the return of Amber would be a major disruption of the budding and fragile relationship these two had started to build. And God, she was. This book had my stomach in a knot and carried me through the highest highs and the lowerst lows.

“I can’t control myself when I’m inside you.” His voice was ragged and threadbare. “I want to tear you apart. I want to rip you to shreds.” He moved both of his hands to grasp my thighs, tilting my pelvis so that his thrusts hit even deeper. “I want to destroy you. Want to fuck you to pieces. Want to shatter you. Want to break you.”

Emily’s feelings for her best friend were a source of frustration and anger for me. I tried to understand why she felt that way about her but all I could come up with was a false and undeserved sense of loyalty for Amber. She didn’t have any qualms laying blame on Reeve for whatever she thought he was capable of doing but never thought that her friend wouldn’t be as well-meaning as Emily thought she was. What I did love though was the stark contradiction of her need to submit and her independent spirit as well as her strength.

Reeve on the other hand was the person who kept me reading. He fought for his love, he was probably even more frustrated than I was with Emily and at some point I really thought she didn’t deserve it, didn’t deserve this intense, strong, dominant man. When he opened up completely to her it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

“My love for you is so ferocious, so dominating that I’m possessed by it. It changes who I am. It makes me someone different and yet I’m more who I’ve always believed I am than I ever have been.”

And then there was Amber. I KNEW what was coming. I knew it in my bones but it was still so well executed that it was a punch to my gut. I hated her throughout the whole book.

Like First Touch this was another captivating story and a worthy conclusion of the First and Last series.. It would have been a 5 star read for me if I hadn’t been so frustrated with Emily not owning up to her feelings for Reeve. He did everything he could to make it right for her, to be the man she needed him to be, yet, she betrayed his trust and love everytime she raised her suspicion towards him. The way she held on to her misguided sense of loyalty and friendship for Amber was frustrating, it just went on for too long.

Frustration notwithstanding, Laurelin Paige’s ability to write a raw, intense story left me in awe. Some of her dialogues were almost poetic in their essence and have made Reeve’s and Emily journey unforgettable.

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