Sugar Rush
Sugar Bowl #2
Sawyer Bennett

…and grovel he did.

Sawyer Bennett must either love us or hate us. I can’t figure it out. Again she leaves us with a brutal cliffhanger that made me scream “NOOOO” at my Kindle. The story of Sela and Beck can’t be compared to anything else this author usually writes. It sucks you in, makes you swoon and bite your nails in anxiety, fills you with gut wrenching emotions. In my humble opinion this series is Sawyer Bennett’s best work so far.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series yet please stop reading RIGHT HERE, because everything that follows will spoil the first book for you. I’m going to try and keep my review as vague as possible and will only give you an inkling how the plot will continue. This installment continues right where we left off.

Spoiler: Highlight to view:

Sela is heartbroken over Beck’s reaction to her revelation that she was raped by his best friend. Beck just as heartbroken about Sela’s betrayal. After a short time of reflection and consideration he starts making sense of it all and anger and hate for his former best friend starts burning in his chest.

I can’t say how much loved the growth both Sela and Beck have gone through, how they take their relationship to the next level and how their connection deepens. Sela becomes a lot more serene and I adored her in this part of the series. She is becoming even stronger with Beck having her back and protecting her. One situation comes to my mind where I was raising an eyebrow wondering where Sela’s reaction came from, a minute later Sela was asking herself the same question since it was out of character for her. To me it showed how her relationship was becoming more and more important than her plan for revenge, she was growing as a person.

And Beck…I was so angry at him after I left those two a couple of months ago. I was curious how this author would make me fall for him again. He bares his soul and is utterly delicious with all his faults and weaknesses. I loved him even more this time around.

JT is such an evil character, that you will hate him even more, after all the things you will learn on this journey. A new secondary character is introduced and I hope that he will get his own story. He has a lot of potential of being a swoon-worthy main cast.

Again the path of Sela and Beck isn’t straight ahead. There are twists and corners you feel coming and dread to go around yet you can’t help and continue reading. Things are revealed (hightlight to view) some of them guessed at in my review for the first installment Sugar Daddy  that will raise new questions, some are being resolved.

One more thing I have to mention. There is a temporary location change for these two which takes them to my city, Vienna. I talked to Sawyer Bennett and she told me she visited in the past and that Vienna was her all time favorite city. The way she described some places was extremely acurate and I LOVED seeing them doing all those things in my hometown. Kudos for doing it right, Miss Bennett, and giving my beautiful city a stage!

So now the waiting begins again. I am so looking forward to reading about Sela’s and Beck’s end of their journey and hopefully their HEA.

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